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Inexpensive; reasonably priced.
  1. 'The same should apply to broadband, but only if the price of access is affordable.'
  2. 'Some land could even be sold at discount prices to provide affordable housing.'
  3. 'For most, the only affordable option would be rented council or housing association homes.'
  4. 'Admission to all three venues is free and all artwork will be for sale at affordable prices.'
  5. 'In time, he hoped to bring down the price of space travel to make it more affordable.'
  6. 'Flights to these locations in February are very affordable, and we wouldn't even have to hire a car.'
  7. 'Nearly all new homes will now be built to meet demand from local people at more affordable prices.'
  8. 'That will make car ownership far more affordable to a far greater number of people.'
  9. 'There are other fish shops in town where a variety of fish can be found at affordable prices.'
  10. 'Therefore, we hope that cost per seat will be reasonable and affordable to many.'


1. that can be afforded; believed to be within one's financial means: attractive new cars at affordable prices. noun

2. Usually, affordables. items, expenses, etc., that one can afford: a variety of affordables for your gift list.

More examples(as adjective)

"shares can be affordable at breeds."

"prices can be affordable in places."

"cuts can be affordable to exchequers."

"cuts can be affordable for people."

"cuts can be affordable for consumers."

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