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Stick, attach, or fasten (something) to something else.
  1. 'Make sure your copyright notice is affixed to copies in such manner and location as to give reasonable notice of your copyright.'
  2. 'The patch is actually affixed to the skin and then, over time, it releases a steady stream of hormones.'
  3. 'Using only my wits and finely honed eye-hand coordination, I successfully affixed two labels.'
  4. 'I affix a leather saddle to his hairy back and ride him into many righteous battles.'
  5. 'And who is responsible for what happens once the photograph is affixed to the gallery wall or printed in the fine volume of war photography?'
  6. 'It would be relatively easy for every community to affix geodetic coding on the signs as they are placed.'
  7. 'Until he can find a way to affix them more securely to his house, he says, they will remain stored in his garage.'
  8. 'Once the border on the wood is engraved, a fine cotton canvas is affixed to the wood with rabbit skin glue - a binding agent that is soaked in water overnight and then heated.'
  9. 'Anyway, I went over to right the fan and after affixing the cover I turned it on.'
  10. 'Located next to the clip is a hole for affixing a lanyard to the base of the knife.'
  11. 'the strings affix to the back of the bridge'
  12. 'It affixes to the wall with two screws, and no measuring or leveling is required.'
  13. 'How does it work and how does it affix to your ankle or your wrist?'
  14. 'The paint is thin and soluble, it affixes to concrete, brick, mortar and embeds itself.'
  15. 'Rather, you adjust the arm so it affixes to the windshield glass tightly when the unit is resting where you want it on your dashboard.'
  16. 'The slightly modified handguards affix to the tube and the new sling swivel lives there too.'
  17. 'The map affixed to the underside of the top of the box, showing the east and west coastlines of the peninsula joined to create a continuous coast.'
  18. 'Neither of these things is true of the art work affixed to a ceramic tile.'


An addition to the base form or stem of a word in order to modify its meaning or create a new word.
  1. 'The experimenters pronounced the affixes and bases in the blending part and the complex words in the segmentation part.'
  2. 'In contrast, where the affix is a prefix, the dependent clause follows the independent clause.'

More definitions

1. to fasten, join, or attach (usually followed by to): to affix stamps to a letter.

2. to put or add on; append: to affix a signature to a contract.

3. to impress (a seal or stamp).

4. to attach (blame, reproach, ridicule, etc.). noun

5. something that is joined or attached.

6. Grammar. a bound inflectional or derivational element, as a prefix, infix, or suffix, added to a base or stem to form a fresh stem or a word, as -ed added to want to form wanted, o

More examples(as adjective)

"flowers can be affixing."


(affix)Late Middle English: from Old French affixer or medieval Latin affixare, frequentative of Latin affigere, from ad- ‘to’ + figere ‘to fix’.