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(of a subsidiary group or a person) officially attached or connected to an organization.
  1. 'Microsoft and its affiliated companies'
  2. 'India was also the first Asian country to be affiliated to the International Olympic Committee.'
  3. 'To book accommodation, you'll either need to be a member of the YHA, or belong to an organisation affiliated to Hostelling International.'
  4. 'Our 110 affiliated labor organizations are sending you a modest contribution of $500 to help make this conference possible.'
  5. 'At the time, Meade was director of a successful research park affiliated with Virginia Tech.'
  6. 'The site also includes a reading list selected by affiliated faculty.'
  7. 'No, I don't want to be affiliated with anyone.'
  8. 'Most of the U. S. personnel based in London are affiliated with the Navy.'
  9. 'The only high-performing Providence school is a largely white, middle-class magnet school affiliated with Brown University.'
  10. 'Department of Commerce records show at least 48 businesses affiliated with the Kingston family.'
  11. 'In the process of being established, the 26 member County Development Board will be owned by the different organisations affiliated to the board.'


1. being in close formal or informal association; related: a letter sent to all affiliated clubs; a radio network and its affiliated local stations.

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"twos can be affiliated with companies."

"members can be affiliated with companies."

"companies can be affiliated."

"computers can be affiliated."

"unions can be affiliated."

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