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Influenced or touched by an external factor.
  1. 'A lot of the affected areas are driven by tourism.'
  2. 'This bill does go some way towards assisting the affected farmers.'
  3. 'The patient's cervical spine is placed in extension and the head rotated toward the affected shoulder.'
  4. 'People have been warned not to touch the water in affected areas.'
  5. 'The crystals inside the joint cause intense pain whenever the affected area is moved.'
  6. 'The United Nations is saying that 20 per cent of affected areas are yet to be assessed by any aid teams.'
  7. 'Using a lotion on the affected area will help the skin soften and lighten up.'
  8. 'Whether you live in the affected area or not is irrelevant.'
  9. 'The situation in all of the affected areas remains very dangerous.'
  10. 'We're coordinating with local parish officials in the affected areas to provide whatever logistical help we can.'
Artificial, pretentious, and designed to impress.
  1. 'But I'm afraid I detected a kind of affected pose in the presentation of the idea.'
  2. 'His concern that members will lose faith in liberal democracy is affected and false.'
  3. 'Mercifully, they have more or less avoided the affected, fake English accents that plagued the sub-genre.'
  4. 'The character is all Ivy-league pretensions and affected accent.'
  5. 'Everyone immediately went back to what they were doing in a rather false and affected way.'
Disposed or inclined in a specified way.
  1. 'I frequently received visits also from the general who was very well affected toward me.'
  2. 'We think the true scholar will be affected toward language and Nature.'


1. acted upon; influenced.

2. influenced in a harmful way; impaired, harmed, or attacked, as by climate or disease.

3. (of the mind or feelings) impressed; moved; touched: She was deeply affected by their generosity.

More examples(as adjective)

"places can be affected by wars."

"yen can be affected due to proximities."

"people can be affected by changes."

"markets can be affected by newses."

"lives can be affected by situations."

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