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Relating to, involving, or requiring free oxygen.
  1. 'Plants, as other aerobic organisms, require oxygen for the efficient production of energy.'
  2. 'In this way, the plant can resume aerobic metabolic activity required for long-term survival.'
  3. 'White blood cells have respiratory enzymes for aerobic metabolism, and others suited to their particular functions.'
  4. 'The intensity of exercise is the primary factor in maintaining or improving aerobic power.'
  5. 'The class includes general aerobic exercise, step aerobics and pelvic floor exercises.'
  6. 'Rubin also strongly urges all dieters not to do any aerobic exercise, as it harms the body's immune response.'
  7. 'For a fit and healthy cardiovascular system, aerobic training should be performed three to four times a week.'
  8. 'The bottom line is, even if you work out every day, aerobic exercise can only take the body so far.'
  9. 'The classes start with a short aerobic exercise to warm up the body before a 20 minute session on the poles.'
  10. 'An aerobic exercise program will help improve the blood flow to the tendon and bursa.'
  11. 'To get maximum results, include both weight training and aerobic exercise in your routine.'
  12. 'People in a residential colony are encouraged to take up group activity such as walking or jogging or aerobic exercises.'
  13. 'Some aerobic activity will warm the muscles up and get them ready to stretch.'


1. (of an organism or tissue) requiring the presence of air or free oxygen for life.

2. pertaining to or caused by the presence of oxygen.

3. of or utilizing the principles of aerobics: aerobic exercises; aerobic dances.

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"processes can be aerobic in stages."

"exercises can be aerobic."

"walkings can be aerobic."

"bacteria can be aerobic."

"trainings can be aerobic."

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Late 19th century: from aero- + Greek bios ‘life’ + -ic.