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  1. 'The aero squadron consisted of tour sections: headquarters, engineering, supply, and flying.'
  2. 'It had been removed from the aircraft and mounted on a stand inside the aero laboratory.'
  3. 'That in itself keeps the number of aero pilots rather small.'
  1. 'Unlike typical vehicles in that segment, the look is aero and uncluttered, sporty, not beefy.'
  2. '‘With the new aero package,’ he says, ‘we needed a new tire to tighten up the cars.’'
  3. 'He has added four different springs and two different sway bars to help adjust to the new aero package and nose.'


1. of or for aircraft.

2. of or relating to aeronautics.

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"engines can be aero."

"companies can be aero."

"units can be aero."

"structures can be aero."

"stocks can be aero."

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Early 20th century (in aero (sense 1)): abbreviation.