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(of a liquid) made effervescent by being charged with carbon dioxide or some other gas.
  1. 'The drinks bottles contained a wide range of beverages, including aerated water, ginger beer and lemonade all produced locally.'
  2. 'The specimen containers had holes on opposite sides covered with mesh to provide aerated water to the eggs.'
  3. 'In addition, a cube of ice melted much faster in the aerated water.'
  4. 'The profits made from aerated water are quite as large as those from beer and spirits.'
  5. 'Appearing frothy and fairly solid, foams are actually aerated liquids - liquids combined with air.'
  6. 'For aerated waters for mixing and giving the body, you can select from among soda, lemonade, tonic, and cola.'
  7. 'Seeds were imbibed in aerated water overnight and planted in pots filled with soil.'
  8. 'Indeed, the evaluation site's old wastewater lagoon was converted into clean, aerated water.'
  9. 'In addition, juices reconstituted with sugar and water and aerated drinks are also highly cariogenic.'
  10. 'Oh no sire, he was drinking aerated water.'
Agitated, angry, or overexcited.
  1. 'I might start a self-help group for those of us who become so aerated by airheads on the airwaves.'
  2. 'When you suspect someone is trying that hard to shock, it's difficult to get even mildly aerated.'


1. to expose to the action or effect of air or to cause air to circulate through: to aerate milk in order to remove odors.

2. to change or treat with air or a gas, especially with carbon dioxide.

3. Physiology. to expose (a medium or tissue) to air as in the oxygenation of the blood in respiration.

More examples(as adjective)

"waters can be aerated."

"slimes can be aerated."

"leathers can be aerated."

"industries can be aerated."

"heads can be aerated."

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