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A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.
  1. 'And when the US ignores that fact, it damages our own credibility as a global advocate of democratic reform.'
  2. '‘Anyone who has been through one of these races is a huge advocate of campaign finance reform,’ he said.'
  3. 'He is a strong advocate of a policy that he describes as ‘capitalism with a human face’.'
  4. 'To begin with, I'm an advocate of very healthy fiscal policies.'
  5. 'A member of the Party and a former commerce minister, he is considered an advocate of free-market policies.'
  6. 'And he's an enthusiastic advocate of online technology.'
  7. 'Then again, I'm not as much of an advocate of that particular policy as I'd like to be.'
  8. 'He accepted that Hitler was an advocate of this policy.'
  9. 'I think he is a worthy advocate of the policy and he is also a worthy adversary for the press.'
  10. 'Others championed him as an advocate of free speech.'
A person who puts a case on someone else's behalf.
  1. 'In such instances, the therapist may encounter requests to participate as an advocate for the client.'
  2. 'At least the Commissioner for Children advocates on behalf of children.'
  3. 'I'm not bashful about being an advocate on behalf of our communities.'
  4. 'Many juvenile court advocates harshly criticized how the police handled young offenders.'
  5. 'Your Honours, at common law there is absolute privilege for what is said in court by an advocate.'
  6. 'The persons who appear and do counsel work, either in drawing pleadings or appearing in court as an advocate.'
  7. 'The High Court has 350 advocates on the Bar, only 15% are black.'
  8. 'The advocates contended that their clients were unaware of the attempts to evict them because they were not notified.'


Publicly recommend or support.
  1. 'Nevertheless, he is advocating a fine balance between free trade and trade restriction.'
  2. 'We have also had one of the major political parties advocating franchise rights for prisoners in HM prisons.'
  3. 'Exuding confidence and advocating a positive outlook, he has no harsh words for anyone.'
  4. 'Now is anybody suggesting for one moment the business sector would not be able to in fact advocate on its behalf?'
  5. 'He advocated a wider hunt for candidates which he said should lead to more of a meritocracy.'
  6. 'They have advocated reduction of the role of government and public investment.'
  7. 'I'm not advocating laziness or saying we should stop caring about achieving our goals.'
  8. 'Would the member please withdraw the comment he made about advocating separatism.'
  9. 'He is is advocating the liberalizing of access to capital for potential businesspersons.'
  10. 'On web sites, people have been advocating violent confrontation with the police.'

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1. to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publicly: He advocated higher salaries for teachers. verb (used without object), advocated, advocating.

2. to act as an advocate: a father who advocates for his disabled child. noun

3. a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc. (usually followed by of): an advocate of peace.

4. a person who pleads for or in behalf of another; interc

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"policies can be advocating."

"changes can be advocating."

"rules can be advocating."

"loves can be advocating."

"villages can be advocating."

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(advocate)Middle English: from Old French avocat, from Latin advocatus, past participle (used as a noun) of advocare ‘call (to one's aid)’, from ad- ‘to’ + vocare ‘to call’.