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Having or consisting in the power to make recommendations but not to take action enforcing them.
  1. 'The ministerial advisory committee must consult the public - that is a very strict requirement.'
  2. 'The measures stress that the council will be strictly an advisory body, with no executive powers.'
  3. 'Nevertheless, this advisory body was not provided with the power to effectively enforce recommendations.'
  4. 'The agency and the Scottish executive are set to work much more closely with industry through a new advisory body.'
  5. 'It is likely that the advisory committee will adopt recommendations on the subject this fall.'
  6. 'We do have an advisory body, but what we need is more active coordination and regulation, " he stated.'
  7. 'There was also a ten-member Consultative Council, an advisory body.'
  8. 'A Yorkshire assembly would have mainly advisory and planning powers.'
  9. 'The advisory body is expected to issue guidance on the cost effectiveness of the treatment by the end of the year.'
  10. 'An independent advisory body of technical experts in health and development should guide its funding decisions.'
  11. 'the EC has put forward an advisory maximum figure'
  12. 'It should be noted that the document is informative and advisory but has no legal authority.'
  13. 'They were lower than the recommended advisory goals by the National Health and Medical Research Council.'


An official announcement or warning.
  1. 'The National Weather Service is posting warnings and advisories across the country.'
  2. 'Second, as a rule of thumb, our advisories are generally about very serious problems.'
  3. 'Heat advisories and warnings are posted today for cities including Washington and New York.'
  4. 'Follow the label's instructions and heed safety advisories about ventilation and wearing respirators.'
  5. 'Airports closed, Amtrak curtailed service and driving advisories were issued.'
  6. 'Is anyone really paying attention to those advisories about content on cable?'
  7. 'Heat advisories are in effect all over the place here.'
  8. 'These advisories are promulgated by state environmental agencies and are under almost continual revision.'
  9. 'Advisories warning of fish contamination in the region have been emerging for several years.'
  10. 'Cities including Washington, Philadelphia, New York, they're all under heat advisories or warnings today.'


1. of, giving, or containing advice: an advisory letter from a stockbroker.

2. having the power or duty to advise: an advisory council. noun, plural advisories.

3. a report on existing or predicted conditions, often with advice for dealing with them: an investment advisory.

4. an announcement or bulletin that serves to advise and usually warn the public, as of some potential hazard: a health advisory; a travelers' advisory.

5. an announcement from the U.S. National Weat

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