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Offer suggestions about the best course of action to someone.
  1. with object 'he advised caution'
  2. 'You should lock into a fixed rate for the best deal - but experts advise against tying up your money for more than a year.'
  3. 'The experts advise against turning existing bedrooms into almost anything else.'
  4. 'While it is may seem appropriate to bring flowers to a hostess, I usually advise against it.'
  5. 'He or she might advise against it because it may put you at risk of complications.'
  6. 'If you get a chance to sell your soul in the second week of February I would advise against it.'
  7. 'The main body lies roughly to the north-east, though I advise against using a compass.'
  8. 'No, I don't mind people buying proof copies, but I'd advise against buying them to collect.'
  9. 'They advise against the sales of items that could be faulty and pose a danger risk like the brakes failing on a pushchair.'
  10. 'I do not use fixed spools for heavy fishing and would advise against it.'
  11. 'We advise against all but essential travel to all other parts of Iraq.'
  12. 'sleeping pills are not advised'
  13. 'As my name suggests, I am not qualified to offer advice but I would advise caution'
  14. 'Admission is free but donations are encouraged and early arrival is advised.'
  15. 'The doctor diagnosed the condition, advising doses of testosterone over any recommended levels.'
  16. 'The doctor then uses the diagnosis to advise the correct course of treatment for this particular patient.'
  17. 'And it may encourage solicitors to advise silence for other than good objective reasons.'
  18. 'The court would express the hope that whatever course was medically advised would be honoured.'
  19. 'He talked to friends, who advised the secure option.'
  20. with object and clause 'the lawyer advised the court that his client wished to give evidence'
  21. 'He also said that downloads from now on will advise people on the situation.'
  22. 'We were not advised of the circumstances in which any member should withdraw.'
  23. 'Some officials who should be advising farmers were themselves awaiting details.'
  24. 'Officials are advising customers that the health risk is very small, but they say it is sensible not to eat the pizza.'
  25. 'I was not advised of anything except to come back to the House because the session was to continue.'
  26. 'That was largely because we were advised by our lawyers that such an admission would not help in any litigation.'
  27. 'She claims she was not advised of alternative pharmacies as the pharmacist refused to speak to her.'
  28. 'If you're hurt in an accident, your lawyer can advise you on the value of your claim.'
  29. 'The newspaper also asked why he would not name the lawyer who advised him that he was in the clear.'
  30. 'The patient was advised of the fracture and was managed conservatively with a splint.'

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1. to give counsel to; offer an opinion or suggestion as worth following: I advise you to be cautious.

2. to recommend as desirable, wise, prudent, etc.: He advised secrecy for the sake of national security.

3. to give (a person, group, etc.) information or notice (often followed by of): The investors were advised of the risk. They advised him that this was their final notice. verb (used without object), advised, advising.

4. to take counse

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"clients can be advising."

"services can be advising."

"officials can be advising."

"officers can be advising."

"ministers can be advising."

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(advise)Middle English: from Old French aviser, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ + visere, frequentative of videre ‘to see’. The original senses included ‘look at’ and ‘consider’, hence ‘consult with others’.