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A person who gives advice in a particular field.
  1. 'The former chartered accountant has also been an adviser to the Scottish Executive.'
  2. 'He spent 30 years as an adviser to the Treasury, working closely with nine chancellors.'
  3. 'He continues to serve as a senior adviser to the Ministry of the Interior.'
  4. 'In the past he has been an adviser to the New Zealand and Russian Governments on pensions policy.'
  5. 'I suggest your friend either contact a tax adviser to work out the liability or go directly to her own inspector of taxes.'
  6. 'He is now a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and an adviser to the Pentagon.'
  7. 'Strangely, he is the adviser to the transport department whose services the police use.'
  8. 'She was phoned back not by the MP, but by a special adviser to the secretary of state.'
  9. 'His wide experience has made him a top adviser to the Home Office and the police.'
  10. 'He also acted as an adviser to doctors involved in partnership disputes.'
  11. 'He was the artistic adviser to the Queen, and he had certain proclivities, which they all had.'

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1. one who gives advice.

2. Education. a teacher responsible for advising students on academic matters.

3. a fortuneteller.

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"costs can be adviser."