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(of a course of action) to be recommended; sensible.
  1. 'early booking is advisable'
  2. 'As our numbers are increasing it is advisable to book your time as early as possible during the week.'
  3. 'I know also that wearing a helmet is not compulsory - but that it is advisable for obvious reasons.'
  4. 'But for aficionados of charmless architecture, it would be advisable to move fast.'
  5. 'All those interested in taking part should note that early booking is advisable.'
  6. 'It may also be advisable to carry an emergency card or bracelet to alert others of the allergy.'
  7. 'Art classes for the retired are now commencing in the Nursing home and booking is advisable.'
  8. 'Again, it's advisable to talk to other parents and to follow up recommendations.'
  9. 'The courses at present are heavily booked so it is advisable to put your name down early.'
  10. 'In fact, it is advisable to be cautious and consult a doctor prior to departure.'
  11. 'Advance booking is always advisable but you can of course always take a chance on the day itself.'


1. proper to be suggested or recommended; desirable or wise, as a course of action: Is it advisable for me to write to him?

2. open to or desirous of advice.

More examples(as adjective)

"windshields can be advisable to heats."

"windshields can be advisable to fuels."

"treatments can be advisable at stages."

"sealants can be advisable at stages."

"pills can be advisable for areas."

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