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Having a comparatively favourable position in terms of economic or social circumstances.
  1. 'Young people from lower participation areas tend to study nearer home than those from the more advantaged areas.'
  2. 'Daley's group may have studied an especially advantaged group of children in 1998 compared with the 1984 sample, she notes.'
  3. 'The union faced the task of ensuring that the balance of resources between previously advantaged and disadvantaged areas as well as in skills development was maintained.'
  4. 'So I think that spurred me even more into helping those less advantaged than me.'
  5. 'The authors' concern that the vulnerability of the poor may jeopardize the well-being of more advantaged members of the same population, is significant.'
  6. 'Regular usage was also higher for students who lived in a house that was owned or being paid off compared to those in private or public rental accommodation and for those who lived in the more advantaged areas.'
  7. 'In the case of the group, the most reasonable comparison standard was another group, most likely the advantaged group that was perceived as perpetrating the discrimination.'
  8. 'She said: ‘Our catchment area is more advantaged than other areas of Rochdale.’'
  9. 'Based on such limited information, more affluent parents could be encouraged to place their children in schools located in advantaged areas that seem to be producing good results.'
  10. 'Our aim was not to expose you to only the advantaged areas; we also wanted to expose the disadvantaged areas to you.'


1. having greater resources or better skills, education, facilities, etc.: She is more advantaged than her cousin.

2. having sufficient or abundant income, natural resources, etc.; affluent: the advantaged nations. noun

3. (used with a plural verb) advantaged people collectively (usually preceded by the): a luxury cruise that only the advantaged could afford.

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"numbers can be advantaged in terms."

"exporterses can be advantaged by yen."

"positions can be advantaged."

"areas can be advantaged."

"people can be advantaged."

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