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Far on or ahead in development or progress.
  1. 'A number of wind projects are at an advanced stage of development while biomass projects are also being progressed.'
  2. 'Harry Kehoe, said a number of new varieties, for the seed export trade and the home market, are now at an advanced stage of development at Oak Park.'
  3. 'You say you have progressed to the advanced stage of bodybuilding.'
  4. 'After some months, attention switched to the National Development Plan which was then at an advanced stage of preparation.'
  5. 'Many are already on the starting blocks, either in an advanced stage of research and development, or with their first commercial power stations already under construction.'
  6. 'The poor survival and high mortality rates are due to presentation in advanced stages, recurrence of the primary and development of second primary tumors.'
  7. 'Neither the doctor nor the family can be blamed because the management of patients with an advanced stage of a disease is not yet developed in our country.'
  8. 'A specialised machine that uses the latest in optical and high speed sensor technology to search for skeleton weed is in the advanced stages of development.'
  9. 'The hospice has provided care to patients with advanced and progressive life threatening diseases along with support for their relatives and carers since the early 1980s.'
  10. 'The new Deel Rovers Community Sports Centre is in an advanced stage of its completion.'
  11. 'his advanced views made him unpopular'
  12. 'And don't forget their advanced views on women in the workplace.'


1. placed ahead or forward: with one foot advanced.

2. ahead or far or further along in progress, complexity, knowledge, skill, etc.: an advanced class in Spanish; to take a course in advanced mathematics; Our plans are too advanced to make the change now.

3. pertaining to or embodying ideas, practices, attitudes, etc., taken as being more enlightened or liberal than the standardized, established, or traditional: advanced theories of child care; the more advanced members of th

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"people can be advanced including places."

"people can be advanced in discussions."

"restructurings can be advanced in places."

"researchs can be advanced for times."

"reforms can be advanced in regions."

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