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Praise (someone) excessively.
  1. 'As the opening titles read, ‘Madame de… was a very lovely, elegant and adulated woman.'
  2. 'Thespis, a satirical poem on the actors at Drury Lane, earned him the favour of David Garrick, whom he adulated.'
  3. 'No school gyms of adulating audiences on their feet to cheer the genius, no comic book figures dropping bon mots could press those keys.'
  4. 'No one seemed to realize he was a hero-to-be about to go on his first adventure and should have been greatly adulated.'
  5. 'The Romans adulated and revered the god of conquest, Mars, son of Jupiter.'
  6. 'It is directed by Juliet Abrahamson to provide locals and visitors with a feast of music from near and far, not overlooking the choir of King's College, known and adulated globally.'
  7. 'Anyway, since the '70s, when folks started adulating the '50s, the nostalgia industry has learned to mine and resell the best stuff from 20 years ago.'
  8. 'Douglas Hay and Norma Landau's examination of the legal system of eighteenth-century England leads them neither to adulate nor castigate; rather they appear to chide.'

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1. to show excessive admiration or devotion to; flatter or admire servilely.

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"rocks can be adulated."


(adulate)Mid 18th century: from Latin adulat- ‘fawned on’, from the verb adulari.