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Clever or skilful.
  1. 'You mentioned in your presentation that particularly younger people who are both adroit and adept at the new technology, thrive in that environment.'
  2. 'Although the attack was adroit - and enjoyable to read - its arguments are not convincing.'
  3. 'The adroit and intelligent use of other men's work, says Prodwit, ‘leads to public applause and adequate remuneration.’'
  4. 'But his other themes and scenes of domestic crises are present and familiar, played out here with adroit skill and humour'
  5. 'The series was also notable for the wonderfully adroit way it visually mixed the father's past and present, and segued from one to the other.'
  6. 'Her poetry displays an adroit mastery of simple language and an eye for the fine threads woven into ordinary lives.'
  7. 'Akin to an artist to his canvas, he plays with an adroit cunning that is matchless to his peers.'
  8. 'I think a larger point maybe to be made is we're looking at a guy who is an inveterate maybe even shameless but wonderfully adroit scene stealer.'
  9. 'Shakespeare, socially adroit and professionally gifted, would have been well placed to make his big career move into the Chamberlain's Men.'
  10. 'So in the end they could only scrape through 1-0 with a goal by the ever inventive and adroit Dutchman, Dennis Bergkamp.'

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1. expert or nimble in the use of the hands or body.

2. cleverly skillful, resourceful, or ingenious: an adroit debater.

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"people can be adroit at things."

"companies can be adroit at things."

"people can be adroit in handlings."

"people can be adroit."

"companies can be adroit."

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Mid 17th century: from French, from à droit ‘according to right, properly’.