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(of a boat or its passengers) floating without being either moored or steered.
  1. 'the seamen are adrift in lifeboats'
  2. 'Mother and son are cast adrift but rescued by Jupiter and, after Perseus has completed his tasks, he kills Acrisius by accident.'
  3. 'Indeed, the vendetta seems aimed at the community also, for it has seen a deer fence cut and boats set adrift.'
  4. 'Five of them were recovered after four hours adrift by another dive boat and the other two by fishermen.'
  5. 'Australian authorities have found no signs of foul play aboard a Taiwanese fishing boat found adrift and abandoned off western Australia.'
  6. 'The skipper and another person jumped into the water as someone cut the lines to the boat, setting it adrift in a 10-knot breeze.'
  7. 'The crew mutinied soon after leaving Tahiti, casting Bligh and 18 of the crew adrift in a small boat with little food and water.'
  8. 'They were discovered on board by the crew and cast adrift on a life raft.'
  9. 'Yet he cannot even run his own department; while the captain of the ship squabbles with his crew below deck, the vessel is adrift and rudderless.'
  10. 'The second boat then came adrift, floating down the river ablaze.'
  11. 'Morgana is imprisoned and Eric loses his hand before being cast adrift in the North Sea.'
  12. 'the film industry was adrift in a sea of debt'
  13. 'Based on my previous experience, many customers are adrift.'
  14. 'He was adrift, proof that one's personal life is intertwined with the professional.'
  15. 'If adults are so adrift, what can they offer their children?'
  16. 'One of the turret covers had come adrift and impacted the fin, causing a partial loss of rudder effectiveness.'
  17. 'The whole of the window section can be pulled slightly adrift of its moorings and pivoted magically into the boot, which turns out to have a false bottom, like a spy's suitcase.'
  18. 'He is wearing a chocolate brown moleskin suit, a dark shirt and tartan clip-on braces, one of which has come adrift.'
  19. 'All on its own, with no aid or assistance from either clumsy poet or inquisitive cat, the heavy decorative roller blind at the window had come adrift from its mooring and fallen onto the windowsill.'
Failing to reach a target or winning position.
  1. 'Guiseley remain in third place on 22 points, three behind Bilton and a further seven adrift of Menston.'
  2. 'The result has seen them gain ground on rivals Spain and France but they are still well adrift of leaders Brazil.'
  3. 'Steeton are now five points adrift of safety in Division A despite claiming a winning draw at Beckwithshaw.'
  4. 'However, Gary Greenwood led the fight-back with an unbeaten 39 only to run out of partners with Thackley just two runs adrift of forcing a tie.'
  5. 'A tremendous late charge from local ace Tony Skelton put him into second at the expense of Forster, just 0. 17s adrift of Wallbank.'
  6. 'And despite heading for Kingfield three points adrift of the play-off places, Coleman believes the fixture list means the Reds still hold their destiny in their own hands.'
  7. 'The point, though, still leaves then nine points adrift of leaders Luton.'
  8. 'But Neil Emblen levelled to keep Colin Todd's side in 11 th spot, still five points adrift of the play-offs.'
  9. 'But the Bushrangers are yet to mirror that success in the one-day game with one win and a loss for five points, four behind leader Tasmania and three adrift of Queensland and NSW.'
  10. 'Gomersal are still ten points adrift of Yeadon, who had the better of their drawn home match against Farsley.'

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1. floating without control; drifting; not anchored or moored: The survivors were adrift in the rowboat for three days.

2. lacking aim, direction, or stability.

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"policies can be adrift for years."

"ships can be adrift in centrals."

"seamans can be adrift in lifeboatses."

"policies can be adrift against campaigns."

"zincs can be adrift of highs."

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Late 16th century: from a- ‘on, in’ + drift.