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Love and respect (someone) deeply.
  1. 'I loved her, adored her and what she represented.'
  2. 'He adores you, loves you more than anyone, anything.'
  3. 'She was very close to Lillie and spoke of her aunt warmly as a patient and loving person who adored her and her brothers.'
  4. 'He has no enemies, everyone loves him, adores him.'
  5. 'Sully could see that the soul and heart and person behind those eyes loved him, adored him…'
  6. 'He loved people, adored our friends and was the life of any party we had at home.'
  7. 'In the US, there's a lot of people who love and adore her, but equally there are probably those that don't like her.'
  8. 'George adores Tom and is deeply saddened and angered when his father sells him.'
  9. 'I asked her if you loved - adored me, but she could not say.'
  10. '‘They want something to love and babies adore you,’ she said.'
  11. 'she adores Mexican cuisine'
  12. 'Liked, if not adored by fans, Mozegetar has proved both a marvel to listen to and watch in live shows where he exudes a certain passion for what he does.'
  13. 'The choreography required him to roll on the floor at a time when fans adored his high leaps and sparkling technique.'
  14. 'It is difficult to overstate the adulation he enjoyed; a young man not only rich and famous but feted by his government and adored by his fans.'
  15. 'He made a huge impression and was adored by home fans because he was a local boy.'
  16. 'The ball flew 60 yards, Ronaldo about 30, after the sort of challenge that English crowds adore as much as a clever flick.'
  17. 'He's only 24 and throws the kind of bone-crushing punches that fans adore.'
  18. 'There is a group of hardcore fans, which adores the game not bothering who the teams are.'
  19. 'As much as he's passionate about swimming, he also loves the feeling of being adored by female fans, and winning.'
  20. 'Since his death, Eddie Cochran's popularity has spread beyond the fans who remember his hit records, but also to a new army of younger rock'n'roll fans who adore his music.'
  21. 'And Amonte's new team, the Blackhawks, played to adoring capacity crowds every night in one of the grand old shrines of the NHL.'
Worship; venerate.
  1. 'For your resurrection that sets us free, I worship and adore you.'
  2. 'We do better to adore the mysteries of Deity than to investigate them.'
  3. 'The Word for me is a living Word, it is adored as the key to the journey of spirituality, the experience of being alive in Christ is coming through a testimony of the Word.'
  4. 'Along with the Vedas, Upanishads, and the Brahma Sutras, the Gita is adored as the most important scripture of ancient India.'
  5. 'It's still not idolatry, of course, because the Eucharist is Jesus Christ and he deserves to be worshiped and adored.'
  6. 'Worship and adore the Guru, the Perfect True Guru, and all your sinful residues shall be dispelled.'
  7. 'Apart from the Vaishnavas' Vishnu, Shaivites Shiva and Shakta's Devi there are three more godheads that are adored.'
  8. 'If it is to fasten attention on God and to adore and praise Him and have communion with Him, it is obvious the worship must be God-centered.'
  9. 'In worship we adore the Triune God of creation and redemption and He gives Himself in the fullness of grace to His people.'
  10. 'The prize was some small comprehension of the worship of a people, unique because the God it adored and glorified was unique.'

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1. to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor.

2. to pay divine honor to; worship: to adore God.

3. to like or admire very much: I simply adore the way your hair is done! verb (used without object), adored, adoring.

4. to worship.

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"sons can be adored."

"wives can be adored."

"strawberries can be adored."

"societies can be adored."

"sisters can be adored."

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(adore)Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin adorare ‘to worship’, from ad- ‘to’ + orare ‘speak, pray’.