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Inspiring great affection or delight.
  1. 'Lizzie was a most adorable and good person who possessed a caring and loving personality.'
  2. 'They make him look so sweet and adorable and well, that's a total misconception if you really know Jake.'
  3. 'Not to worry - this adorable little guy is going to have no trouble finding fabulous new owners, I am sure.'
  4. 'Jack was an adorable well-mannered, gentle boy who had an extraordinary presence that could light up a room.'
  5. 'It means I get to have the company of this adorable eccentric woman for longer.'
  6. 'He's adorable, about two years old, part Maaori with a halo of light brown curls.'
  7. 'The Steiffe range has adorable teddy bear motifs down the legs of the shorts, or the arms of tops and as a logo on T-shirts.'
  8. 'She told me it was adorable… clothes for little girls and matching clothes for their dolls as well.'
  9. 'For now, she's just a kitten, and one of the most adorable ones we've ever come across.'
  10. 'It is easy to let a Shih Tzu take advantage of you, particularly when it is so cute and adorable.'

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1. very attractive or delightful; charming: What an adorable hat!

2. worthy of being adored.

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"people can be adorable."

"children can be adorable."

"creatures can be adorable."

"wells can be adorable."

"ways can be adorable."

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Early 17th century (in the sense ‘worthy of divine worship’): from French, from Latin adorabilis, from the verb adorare (see adore).