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(of a child or parent) in that relationship by adoption.
  1. 'Like so many adoptive children he is caught up in a compulsive search to discover the truth about his real parentage.'
  2. 'The son of a German artisan, he was probably born in Venice, and apprenticed to his adoptive father Giulio.'
  3. 'She raised me for my first three years on her own after which she got married and I've known and loved that man as my father ever since, but have always known that he was my adoptive father.'
  4. 'His adoptive mother says the 12-year-old charms everyone he meets - although he often tries their patience with his enormous energy.'
  5. 'Now many of those couples are helping their adoptive children uncover their cultural roots.'
  6. 'One of the questions I'm often asked as an adoptive mom is whether I'll "let" Alex find her biological family - almost as if I'd have a choice if she wanted to do so.'
  7. 'His final resting place was his beloved adoptive country - Singapore.'
  8. 'Sylvia worked for Ethiopian independence and Adela was involved in the launch of the Communist party in her adoptive country.'
  9. 'She has eschewed her adoptive city of Glasgow, however, in favour of Chapel Allerton, in Leeds, Yorkshire's financial heart.'
  10. 'My former colleague is now well into his 90s, but is as spry and fit as the day when he swam out to meet the submarine sent to take him back to his adoptive homeland.'
  11. 'Kate, who now lives and plays in and around Liverpool, will be bringing in a host of musicians to the Lakes from her adoptive home city.'
  12. 'She, however, has no idea when - or if - he'll be allowed to return to his adoptive country.'

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1. of or involving adoption.

2. acquired or related by adoption: an adoptive father or son.

3. tending to adopt.

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"parents can be adoptive."

"mothers can be adoptive."

"families can be adoptive."

"fathers can be adoptive."

"parenthoods can be adoptive."

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Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin adoptivus, from adoptare ‘select for oneself’ (see adopt).