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(of a young person) in the process of developing from a child into an adult.
  1. 'Thanks to the flashbulbs of photographers and the screaming of adolescent girls, the atmosphere was more like a pop concert than a sporting event.'
  2. 'Dietary supplement use is a well-documented practice among adult and adolescent athletes.'
  3. 'O'Connell has created a tale that appeals to many adolescent girls.'
  4. 'In more recent work, Gilligan focuses on the moral development of adolescent girls.'
  5. 'Theories about the emotional and moral development of adolescent girls are then presented.'
  6. 'Many people worldwide, usually adolescent boys, have had their lives completely taken over by computer games.'
  7. 'Last year an American study found that 97 per cent of adolescent girls believe that women should be paid equally.'
  8. 'The people who are at risk for inadequate iron would be young infants, adolescent girls, and women of childbearing age.'
  9. 'It seemed logical to develop a companion model of adolescent boys' sexual health.'
  10. 'I learned how to negotiate fights between adolescent girls without making it seem like parental interference.'
  11. 'his adolescent years'
  12. 'Is it not hard enough to manage these oversized automobiles around the city without the yelling of voices and pushing of adolescent teens?'
  13. 'Both young women are experiencing adolescent discontents at the beginning of the ballet.'
  14. 'Soon, he could hear adolescent voices: most likely two younger guys and two girls.'
  15. 'Creating a show specifically for teenagers, Irvine and Mcleary decided to capitalise on the adolescent obsession with the gothic.'
  16. 'Teenagers should be told explicitly about the pitfalls of adolescent sex.'
  17. 'Do tapered jeans, legwarmers, unicorns and green mascara remind you of your adolescent years?'
  18. 'They speak in an almost matter-of-fact way, recounting the catalogue of bad behaviour that has characterised the adolescent years for Alan.'
  19. 'In pygmies, this adolescent growth spurt does not occur, hence their characteristic short stature.'
  20. 'The nubile young lead, Adela, is played with convincing adolescent frustration by Isabel Claffey in her Abbey debut.'
  21. 'Consequently, it is easy to forget the adolescent emotional turmoil that embroils the youngest ones.'


An adolescent boy or girl.
  1. 'In almost all situations adolescents are both children and adults at the same time.'
  2. 'At this time also adolescents begin to think hypothetically and abstractly.'
  3. 'The two boys first met at preschool, but it is as adolescents that they meet again.'
  4. 'Dorothy works with adolescents and teens, as well as adults and couples on a wide range of issues.'
  5. 'How can the legal system and courts better meet the needs of children and adolescents?'
  6. 'No one discusses health issues pertaining to adolescents in the villages and the girls have no one to turn to.'
  7. 'The youth workers are employed to assist and help adolescents and teenagers.'
  8. 'I had worked with adolescents before, but this was a completely different experience.'
  9. 'Children, adolescents, parents and teachers should be made aware of this problem.'
  10. 'Are adolescents really any more troubled or troubling than before?'

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1. growing to manhood or womanhood; youthful.

2. having the characteristics of adolescence or of an adolescent. noun

3. an adolescent person.

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"people can be adolescent."

"children can be adolescent."

"years can be adolescent."

"groups can be adolescent."

"developments can be adolescent."

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Late Middle English (as a noun): via French from Latin adolescent- ‘coming to maturity’, from adolescere, from ad- ‘to’ + alescere ‘grow, grow up’, from alere ‘nourish’. The adjective dates from the late 18th century.