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A small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit, appearance, or result.
  1. 'only slight adjustments to the boat are necessary'
  2. 'Indeed, the same spoon reamers were probably also used to make adjustments to the tuning of their instruments.'
  3. 'Like a quarterback, linemen have to sense what defense is coming and make adjustments on the fly.'
  4. 'Some diesel cars can use the new fuel as a blend with normal diesel with-out making adjustments to their engine.'
  5. 'He's continually suggesting adjustments from the cockpit during races.'
  6. 'With Thornton on injured reserve, the team will have to make adjustments in its pass rush.'
  7. 'She also questioned the adjustment of market values by reference to Savill's Index.'
  8. 'This rarely requires dosage adjustment or discontinuation of the drug.'
  9. 'Then, I checked the micrometer height adjustment shaft - its bearing surfaces were worn out!'
  10. 'Instead of making adjustments depending on whom we play, we're going to master our system.'
  11. 'The annual adjustment shall be made only in respect of one-fifth of the tax imposed on the goods.'
  12. 'He has made a slight adjustment successfully.'
  13. 'A lot of stuff will still go through him, which is a little bit of an adjustment for Patrick.'
  14. 'Based on theoretical conceptualizations derived from attachment theory, we would expect to identify mediational effects of perceptions of parents on behavioral adjustment.'
  15. 'Yes, some rich people will benefit from such an adjustment.'
  16. 'A manova was used to assess the effect of intimacy with parents on adjustment.'
  17. 'Several measures covering problem behavior, sexual experiences, and interests and psychosocial adjustment were also included.'
  18. 'It's an adjustment he's still getting to grips with.'
  19. 'Moves often result in the use of new technologies and equipment, calling for adjustments in the ways people access and process information.'
  20. 'If a patient is going to show signs of adjustment the facility will be able to make the appropriate decision.'
  21. 'The characters lives and experiences demonstrate their displacement, spiritual homelessness, and the hardships of adjustment to a new society.'

More definitions

1. the act of adjusting; adaptation to a particular condition, position, or purpose.

2. the state of being adjusted; orderly relation of parts or elements.

3. a device, as a knob or lever, for adjusting: the adjustments on a television set.

4. the act of bringing something into conformity with external requirements: the adjustment of one's view of reality.

5. harmony achieved by modification or change of a position: They worked out an adjustment of their conflicting ideas.

More examples(as adjective)

"phases can be adjustment."

"sessions can be adjustment."