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Alter or move (something) slightly in order to achieve the desired fit, appearance, or result.
  1. 'a single control adjusts the water flow'
  2. 'This trend continued when the data were adjusted for inflammatory markers.'
  3. 'Soil temperatures are favorable for corn and most of the planters are adjusted for the dry conditions.'
  4. 'Partial pressure in oxygen was adjusted for altitude and reported as if it were obtained at sea level.'
  5. 'The data were adjusted for these variables separately in males and females.'
  6. 'In addition, the analysis was adjusted for the number of annual hospitalisations.'
  7. 'The standard errors of the model estimates were adjusted for the clustering of patients within hospitals.'
  8. 'Analyses were adjusted for age and sex, and there was no effect modification.'
  9. 'Tests were not adjusted for any reason.'
  10. 'The estimates were adjusted for 16 major confounding factors.'
  11. 'All linear measurements were adjusted for their respective level of magnification.'
  12. 'It's a flexible, adaptive, dynamic system that never stops - it continually adjusts to the threat.'
  13. 'The Auto Grab system constantly monitors tong pressure and adjusts to securely hold grapple loads while skidding, thus reducing operator work load.'
  14. 'Although Lufthansa is a global operating carrier, their business is local and thus the airline adjusts to local needs and habits.'
  15. 'The system adjusts to enhance stability, even for very small deviations from the desired motion, which the driver may not even notice, the company says.'
  16. 'It continually adjusts to the owner's driving preferences, tuning itself to provide more power on demand for better fuel economy.'
  17. 'Rolling uses an appropriate size die that adjusts to the steel tube, angle, pipe, channel, bar or steel beam and revolves at the same peripheral speed, turning in opposite directions.'
  18. 'Length is adjusted by loosening the knurled locking collar only a halt turn, after which the post adjusts to the desired height and is secured by another half turn of the locking collar.'
  19. 'This lounge chair automatically adjusts to your body, eliminating the strap marks caused by poorer quality models, and comes with a pillow and wooden armrests.'
  20. 'The handset is dominated by a 176 mm X 320 mm colour display screen that adjusts to the users' hand movements to allow for tilting, scrolling and zooming.'
  21. 'Ulma Form Works, Hawthorne, N.J., devised a self-rising forming system that adjusts to a changing geometry as the core rises.'
  22. 'she must be allowed to grieve and to adjust in her own way'
  23. 'There are some journalists who have not adjusted to pop journalism.'
  24. 'Almost a year after the re-organisation of Otley primary schools provision, people have apparently adjusted to the change.'
  25. 'I'm still getting adjusted to life in Waterloo, and it's been tough.'
  26. 'She said that the program is best suited to upper-level students who have already adjusted to life on campus and in the community.'
  27. 'However, his recent run suggests he has adjusted to the new role just behind a lone striker which Ferguson earmarked for him last year.'
  28. 'Being a flexible sort, I quickly adjusted to the new policy.'
  29. 'He has been in the post for two years and 10 months, and despite a lack of fluency in Chinese, he has adjusted to life here.'
  30. 'I am frankly filled with admiration at the way in which Australians have reacted and adjusted to this new situation.'
  31. 'She was immediately sent to New York, taking her vows in Tarrytown, and quickly adjusted to religious life.'
  32. 'If there's been one negative aspect of Mike's time here, it would be the food, something he still hasn't adjusted to.'
Assess (loss or damages) when settling an insurance claim.
  1. 'We are aware that loss adjusting and economic damage calculation is not an exact science at all but as a relative indicator it can work very well.'
  2. 'The organisation also organized a special task force to review an additional 1,696 claims adjusted using expedited methods.'
  3. 'It ought not to have been and his claim should be adjusted accordingly.'
  4. 'The company said it was moving away from loss adjusting into making more use of its field force and IT systems to cut costs and offer a better service to clients.'

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1. to change (something) so that it fits, corresponds, or conforms; adapt; accommodate: to adjust expenses to income.

2. to put in good working order; regulate; bring to a proper state or position: to adjust an instrument.

3. to settle or bring to a satisfactory state, so that parties are agreed in the result: to adjust our differences.

4. Insurance. to determine the amount to be paid in settlement of (a claim).

5. to systematize.

6. Military. to correct th

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"policies can be adjusting."

"provisions can be adjusting."

"positions can be adjusting."

"figures can be adjusting."

"datas can be adjusting."

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(adjust)Early 17th century (in the senses ‘harmonize discrepancies’ and ‘assess loss or damages’): from obsolete French adjuster, from Old French ajoster ‘to approximate’, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ + juxta ‘near’.


do not adjust your set