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(of a building, room, or piece of land) next to or joined with.
  1. 'they ended up buying the adjoining land'
  2. 'Between them they gave a clear succinct presentation of how our and adjoining communities see the way forward.'
  3. 'All too soon you will be shepherded into an adjoining area for the actual tasting.'
  4. 'Demolition will start next week on an adjoining building, with some initial work starting at the same time.'
  5. 'No adjoining land is available for the station expansion.'
  6. 'This variety of riverine habitat supports a different range of species, which greatly add to the value of the adjoining meadows.'
  7. 'The judgment was ambiguous over the adjoining 1.8 square mile plot, opening the way for both sides to claim it.'
  8. 'It is fitted with traditional pine presses with further storage available in the adjoining utility room.'
  9. 'She chased the spider from its web onto adjoining vegetation to which the lead threads of the web were attached.'
  10. 'Interment took place in the adjoining cemetery, following Requiem Mass at 2 pm on Wednesday, January 26.'

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1. being in contact at some point or line; located next to another; bordering; contiguous: the adjoining room; a row of adjoining town houses.

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"properties can be adjoining."

"rooms can be adjoining."

"provinces can be adjoining."

"areas can be adjoining."

"houses can be adjoining."

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