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A word naming an attribute of a noun, such as sweet, red, or technical.
  1. 'Reading becomes an exercise in spotting nouns and adjectives; there is nothing to engage or delight.'
  2. 'Use verbs, nouns and adjectives and get a copy of Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases.'

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1. Grammar. any member of a class of words that modify nouns and pronouns, primarily by describing a particular quality of the word they are modifying, as wise in a wise grandmother, or perfect in a perfect score, or handsome in He is extremely handsome. Other terms, as numbers (one cup; twelve months), certain demonstrative pronouns (this magazine; those questions), and terms that impose limits (each person; no mercy) can also function adjectivally, as can some nouns that are found chiefl

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"socialists can be adjective."

"positions can be adjective."

"yabuds can be adjective."

"whites can be adjective."

"uses can be adjective."

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Late Middle English: from Old French adjectif, -ive, from Latin adject- ‘added’, from the verb adicere, from ad- ‘towards’ + jacere ‘throw’. The term was originally used in the phrase noun adjective, translating Latin nomen adjectivum, a translation of Greek onoma epitheton ‘attributive name’.