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Next to or adjoining something else.
  1. 'the area adjacent to the station'
  2. 'The nurse who had just walked in to access the equipment room adjacent to the waiting room sensed the tension.'
  3. 'She stayed in her room on the first floor or in her office adjacent to her room.'
  4. 'We went to a room adjacent to the main hall, and as we walked in, a detainee was led out with fresh blood around his nose.'
  5. 'He walked towards the cave exit, which was directly adjacent to the room in which he had slept.'
  6. 'The blond man's study, he was vexed to learn, was locked, but the room adjacent to it was not.'
  7. 'This maneuver served only to strengthen our resolve and we booked a meeting room in a hotel adjacent to the convention site.'
  8. 'She turned and saw that there were doors that were adjacent to the room next door.'
  9. 'The filling station adjacent to the show rooms will not be disturbed during the building works.'
  10. 'The accommodation is competed by a self-contained unit adjacent to the dining room.'
  11. 'The first morning I stopped abruptly when I heard a squealing pack of rats in a room adjacent to ours.'
(of a pair of angles) formed on the same side of a straight line when intersected by another line.
  1. 'At each vertex we consider the angles formed on the adjacent faces at that corner.'

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1. lying near, close, or contiguous; adjoining; neighboring: a motel adjacent to the highway.

2. just before, after, or facing: a map on an adjacent page.

3. related or very close to a specified topic, activity, etc.: While the comment was not outright racist, it was racist-adjacent. supporting or being an ally of a group or subculture without being a part of it: She describes herself as queer-adjacent. having the traits or interests of a group or subculture without bei

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"blocks can be adjacent to blocks."

"ports can be adjacent to people."

"plants can be adjacent to facilities."

"gizzards can be adjacent to stomachs."

"fields can be adjacent to structures."

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Late Middle English: from Latin adjacent- ‘lying near to’, from adjacere, from ad- ‘to’ + jacere ‘lie down’.