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Relating to or denoting a process or condition in which heat does not enter or leave the system concerned.
  1. 'The quantum and classical Carnot engines therefore operate in the same way - a closed cycle of two isothermal and two adiabatic processes.'
  2. 'Entropy, according to the 2nd law, can indeed remain constant but only either in reversible adiabatic processes or in reversible cycles.'
  3. 'Working closely with environmental engineers, Arup New York, it settled on a passive climate controlled system known as adiabatic cooling, which takes advantage of the hot arid climate.'


A curve or formula representing adiabatic phenomena.

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    1. occurring without gain or loss of heat (opposed to diabatic): an adiabatic process.

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    "rates can be adiabatic above altitudes."

    "rates can be adiabatic."

    "models can be adiabatic."

    "matters can be adiabatic."

    "energies can be adiabatic."

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    Late 19th century: from Greek adiabatos ‘impassable’, from a- ‘not’ + dia ‘through’ + batos ‘passable’ (from bainein ‘go’), + -ic.