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Join (something) to something else so as to increase the size, number, or amount.
  1. 'some box offices now add on a convenience charge'
  2. 'They claimed the provisions add unnecessary costs and increase the bureaucratic burden on all farmers.'
  3. 'A second unit and a folder were added to the press to increase its capacity.'
  4. 'The resulting calculations are then added to your job points.'
  5. 'The pilot project is expected to increase patient access by adding the services of nurses and nurse practitioners to physicians' offices.'
  6. 'We are committed to increase our membership and add new revenue sources to support the work of the organization.'
  7. 'Charles III added to the grounds and doubled the size of the palace by adding an east wing that mirrored the original building.'
  8. 'Interest is added to the amount invested at maturity and the full investment amount is available for withdrawal.'
  9. 'He has spent the winter in a strength program in an effort to add muscle and increase his endurance.'
  10. 'It is bad medicine from the community's point of view, because it adds increasing costs.'
  11. 'After Horsley fell, Styris joined Evans and they added the remaining 65 runs to ensure the win.'
Put in (an additional element, ingredient, etc.)
  1. 'the fruit juice contains no added sugar'
  2. 'Unlike bronze, additional material cannot be added to acrylic after it is cast.'
  3. 'Small amounts of copper are added to increase hardness for some applications.'
  4. 'If more oxygen gas is added to the system, the concentration of oxygen will increase.'
  5. 'During the experiments, additional salts were added as indicated.'
  6. 'A small amount of sugar is added to the bottle before sealing it airtight.'
  7. 'Studies have shown that adding large amounts of copper sulfate to a water feature through time eventually will kill it, making it sterile and unable to support life.'
  8. 'Peat moss was added during planting to increase the ability of the soil to hold water.'
  9. 'Greater contrast may be obtained by adding small amounts of a 5% solution of potassium bichromate.'
  10. 'The Lootens formula keeps sulfite content low, uses very little bromide, and adds small amounts of citric acid and potassium thiocyanate.'
  11. 'If the soil tests indicate a need for magnesium to boost the soil ratio, add the amount indicated on the soil test report.'
  12. 'In return, the manufacturers said the original designs add a unique quality to their products.'
  13. 'The texture and slight unevenness of the paint adds a remarkable three-dimensional quality to these wallpapers.'
  14. 'He added quality to the side, not to mention physical endeavour.'
  15. 'And each has been a solid contributor, adding much-needed depth.'
  16. 'We use, for instance, traditional Vietnamese instruments that we have sampled, and I think it really adds an nice and interesting dimension to the sound.'
  17. 'Some relics have certain historical significance that adds much to their value - such as a long-buried Colt from the Little Big Horn.'
  18. 'They'll be aided by a few famous faces, adding their own unique contribution to the portrait.'
  19. 'His rendition of Some Enchanted Evening and This Nearly Was Mine added quality to the show.'
  20. 'He will entertain spectators and add a bit more quality to our batting.'
  21. 'This adds a huge amount of value to your site from a visitor's point of view - they don't need to leave your site to get the latest news on a given topic.'
Put together (two or more numbers or amounts) to calculate their total value.
  1. 'add the two numbers together'
  2. 'This calculation is continued for every year until the end of the mortality table, and then all the net present values are added together.'
  3. 'Thus, the promoters add the capacity numbers together and sell that sum number of tickets.'
  4. 'The third and fourth numbers are found using the Fibonacci rule: add the latest two values to get the next.'
  5. 'Again, calculating and adding all these values will take a considerable amount of time, especially if we expect many future payments.'
  6. 'At the completion of play, each player adds the numbers on his chips and multiplies this total by $10.'
  7. 'I have added up the amounts concerned, and they come to the sum of £2,400.'
  8. 'If the sum is not a primary number, the figures are added together until the result is a primary number.'
  9. 'Then add these numbers together - and work out their percentage out of the possible maximum of 30.'
  10. 'To calculate the total score, simply add these numbers together.'
  11. 'These include counting beanbags to learn how to add whole numbers, and folding paper strips to learn to deal with fractions.'
Say as a further remark.
  1. with object 'we would like to add our congratulations'
  2. 'He added that the formal announcement would be made once the company's shareholders had been notified.'
  3. 'He added that if the response of members was positive, the employers should quickly make the delayed payment.'
  4. 'She added that the actor did not want to make any comment.'
  5. 'He added that the response of their neighbours to the event has been everything they could hope for.'
  6. 'He added that the committee would meet shortly and announce a date.'
  7. 'He added that the petitions and other responses will be taken into account during the decision - making process.'
  8. 'She stressed that the other EU states took the same stance, and added that she was waiting for a reply from the United States.'
  9. 'Such preparation, they add, will be handier than ever in this spring's tight job market.'
  10. 'He added that the responsibility for the next year's budget now rests with the MPs and they are the ones to decide.'
  11. 'He added that the owner of the dog had taken responsibility and would pay compensation.'

Analogue digital digital, indicating that a music recording was made in analogue format before being mastered and stored digitally.
    Attention deficit disorder.

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      1. to unite or join so as to increase the number, quantity, size, or importance: to add two cups of sugar; to add a postscript to her letter; to add insult to injury.

      2. to find the sum of (often followed by up): Add this column of figures. Add up the grocery bills.

      3. to say or write further.

      4. to include (usually followed by in): Don't forget to add in the tip. verb (used without object)

      5. to perform the arithmetic operation of addition: children learning

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      "features can be adding."

      "reserves can be adding."

      "products can be adding."

      "technologies can be adding."

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      (add)Late Middle English: from Latin addere, from ad- ‘to’ + the base of dare ‘put’.


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