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Not displaying or forming part of a cycle.
  1. 'An orientation is acyclic if it contains no directed cycle, and is totally cyclic if every edge is contained in some oriented cycle.'
  2. 'The network model without selection is also implemented in the directed acyclic graphs used in causal modeling.'
  3. 'donor age showed no influence on chance of pregnancy in acyclic patients'
(of a compound or molecule) containing no rings of atoms.
  1. 'Channel formation may be the result of the presence of the acyclic monoterpine side chain.'
  2. 'Acyclovir, an acyclic guanosine analog, binds viral DNA polymerase, acting as a chain terminator and ending replication.'
  3. 'The latter are substrates for at least seven different enzyme families, whose products are a group of cyclic and acyclic compounds, collectively named oxylipins, which play different roles in plant cells.'

More definitions

1. not cyclic: an acyclic flower; acyclic compounds.

2. Chemistry. of or relating to a compound that does not contain a closed chain or ring of atoms (contrasted with cyclic).

More examples(as adjective)

"graphs can be acyclic."

"terpenes can be acyclic."

"compounds can be acyclic."