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(of an unpleasant or unwelcome situation or phenomenon) present or experienced to a severe or intense degree.
  1. 'the problem is acute and getting worse'
  2. 'Currently, American businesses are experiencing acute shortages of highly skilled IT professionals.'
  3. 'The situation is rather acute among blue-collar immigrants who migrate to the United States.'
  4. 'The Army continues to suffer acute shortages of staff and experienced personnel, and that is where the problem is.'
  5. 'The Simon Community, which runs a network of centres around the country for homeless people, is also experiencing acute shortages of volunteers.'
  6. 'Drought-like situation prevails in the district due to acute shortage of water and extended power cuts triggered by delay in the monsoon.'
  7. 'Plunged into darkness, practically all of Serbia has been dealing with an acute electricity shortage as generation plants under perform.'
  8. 'An acute shortage of experienced staff is undermining growth, says Wong.'
  9. 'In several villages and towns dotting the district, acute shortage of potable water has turned into an alarming situation.'
  10. 'The situation is particularly acute given the region's 30% increase in births in the last two years.'
  11. 'Although local doctors have been warning of an acute shortage of intensive care beds for children, the Department of Health said it did not believe there was a crisis.'
  12. 'Heliox is a unique therapy for acute asthma because it decreases airway resistance without changing the diameter of the airway.'
  13. 'Acute dysentery, typhoid fever and acute hepatitis were the next three most frequently reported diseases.'
  14. 'Infections with bacteria or viruses can give rise to an acute inflammation of a joint (septic arthritis).'
  15. 'This plant is useful for both acute and chronic respiratory diseases, including acute influenza, earache, sinusitis and sore throat.'
  16. 'The discovery of antibiotic drugs has been helpful in treating acute infection associated with chronic bronchitis.'
  17. 'In 1965 the focus of care for elderly people was primarily on hospital care for acute illnesses and diseases.'
  18. 'Therapy has two goals - to treat the acute disease flare-ups and to maintain remission.'
  19. 'Kayser-Jones defined acute illness in the nursing home as a change in health, with specific signs and symptoms of recent onset.'
  20. 'He said that since the disease broke out, the hospital had treated symptoms like acute diarrhoea, vomiting and dehydration.'
  21. 'The other more virulent form of the disease is found in Southern and Eastern Africa and causes a more acute infection, with symptoms showing after only a few weeks.'
  22. 'an acute ward'
  23. 'If the plans go ahead relatives and friends of acute patients from North Norfolk face a potential round trip of 60 miles to visit.'
  24. 'The report, expected to be officially launched next month, will see the controversial redistribution and slimming down of acute hospital services.'
  25. 'He highlighted that Waterford Regional is an acute hospital with patients often having an average stay of five or six days.'
  26. 'She was kept in the acute patients' ward under observation.'
  27. 'Money is better off being spent to care for people in their own homes and in the community rather than being spent on hi-tech services and acute beds in hospitals.'
  28. 'However, since then, patients needing urgent acute surgical care have had to travel 15 miles to the nearest hospital in Cashel.'
  29. 'Fewer beds are available to acute patients because the beds they have are taken up by patients who no longer need to be in hospital but are not fit enough yet to go back to their own environment.'
  30. 'Just after the operation, Mr Waters said he remembered lying on a bed next to Sam in the hospital's acute ward, then looking over and seeing a strange, weak smile on Sam's face.'
  31. 'They said up to 20% of patients cannot be discharged from acute hospitals because there is nowhere to send them and this must be addressed.'
  32. 'Once the patient leaves the acute hospital, they may be transferred to a rehabilitation unit where they can get more intensive therapy.'
Having or showing a perceptive understanding or insight; shrewd.
  1. 'The Renaissance Italians also had an acute insight into the importance of the balance of power for maintaining international order among themselves.'
  2. 'Her valuable book offers the reader an acute insight into the origins of our present-day consumer culture.'
  3. 'He has produced large number of booklets, souvenirs and brochures for many clubs, schools and the cricket board in this country, written with an acute insight of the game.'
  4. 'After all, he has rightfully gained renown for his prolific writing and acute insight into current affairs.'
  5. 'My students articulate an acute awareness, if not a full understanding, of academic labor issues.'
  6. 'But she did have an acute awareness of what people need in order to live.'
  7. 'It is reminiscent of Pessoa's poems on Spring in its acute awareness of the poet's mortality.'
  8. 'Often, there is an acute awareness of the pain and hardship that accompanies life and many people with this aspect are well suited to working hard for the benefit of those that have suffered genuine hurt.'
  9. 'Toibin writes with acute insight about James's relations with Alice and with Minny Temple, who was a model for several of his most important women characters.'
  10. 'For a 16 year old, I had an acute awareness of the world outside of my own little high school/town.'
  11. 'an acute sense of smell'
  12. 'Only Michael's acute sense of hearing saved him, allowing him just enough time to dive out of its path.'
  13. 'I am a sensitive, not in a supernatural sense, but my senses are very acute, my hearing is very acute.'
  14. 'Polar bears have an acute sense of smell, and it is the most important sense for detecting prey on land.'
  15. 'It has a very acute sense of smell, and it has a natural explorative behavior.'
  16. 'The acute sense of smell is important, since the badger's eyes are quite small, and its eyesight is not particularly good.'
  17. 'They are keen hunters with acute vision and feed primarily on small birds and mammals, waterfowl, and reportedly, even bats.'
  18. 'Although suffering from poor vision, its sense of hearing and smell is acute and of primary importance in locating food.'
  19. 'A crocodile's sense of smell is very acute, and its hearing is also excellent.'
  20. 'Mrs Cook added that horses have acute hearing and can often hear a helicopter, and sense a disturbance in the air, from miles away.'
  21. 'Well, I have an acute sense of smell and hearing, which is sometimes good, sometimes bad.'
(of an angle) less than 90°.
  1. 'At its widest point, the form is abruptly sliced and then twisted further still, at an acute angle, to face and frame a distant mountain on the horizon.'
  2. 'An Adam Heyslip corner from the right was met by the unmarked Darren Flanagan at the back post and from an acute angle, he tucked the ball to the corner of the net giving the keeper little chance.'
  3. 'But Paul Hartley, having sped down the right flank into the box, sensed glory and drove the ball straight at goal from an acute angle.'
  4. 'In a split-second, Andre De Lisser hooked the ball away from the keeper and, from an acute angle, curled it into the far corner of an unguarded goal.'
  5. 'It was because of the acute angle of the area over which he stepped, the acute angle at which the concrete went away from the bridge, that there was no room right there.'
  6. 'The glazed sections of the facade are at acute angles to the ground plane and provide a range of views of the forest.'
  7. 'For the hard granite a chisel with a less acute angle is employed, and flat chisel is then used to smooth out the final surfaces of the stone and for undercutting.'
  8. 'The building is a stepped linear form thrusting at an acute angle towards the sea.'
  9. 'As Pelonis describes it, many compression ceilings are set at an acute angle to the front wall and are typically very hard.'
  10. 'What looked like two scars were running down either side of Joe's back, forming a disconnected acute angle.'
(of a sound) high; shrill.


    1. 'The word côte has no acute on the "e" at the end of the word while coté does.'

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    1. sharp or severe in effect; intense: acute sorrow; an acute pain.

    2. extremely great or serious; crucial; critical: an acute shortage of oil.

    3. (of disease) brief and severe (opposed to chronic).

    4. sharp or penetrating in intellect, insight, or perception: an acute observer.

    5. extremely sensitive even to slight details or impressions: acute eyesight.

    6. sharp at the end; ending in a point.

    7. Geometry. (of an angle) less than 90°. (of a triangle) containing only

    More examples(as adjective)

    "problems can be acute in places."

    "anxieties can be acute in places."

    "problems can be acute in countries."

    "problems can be acute in areas."

    "tensions can be acute in wars."

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    Late Middle English (describing a disease or its symptoms): from Latin acutus, past participle of acuere ‘sharpen’, from acus ‘needle’.