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Make a reality of.
  1. 'You had some grand ideas and put a lot of dynamic energy into actualizing them but it frustrates you to see things not working according to your plans.'
  2. 'Designing choreography that could never be actualized by human beings.'
  3. 'Huge global corporations embraced the whole concept and actualized their companies around a database and mainframe.'
  4. '[A] way-too-short informative clip (you want it to go on for days) features a typical Marin County self-help group talking about actualizing your dreams.'
  5. 'Veena abided by her son's decision to let the young girl actualise her potential and dream.'
  6. 'You have the support you need to achieve success and actualize dynamic plans.'
  7. 'The Gilmores knew that dreams have to be actualized by hard work and diligence.'
  8. 'When I actualized this project I very carefully researched it to see if anyone had done anything similar.'
  9. 'You fulfill personal promises and actualise professional plans.'
  10. 'Achievement - feeling of accomplishment/personal growth/opportunity to actualise potential'

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1. to make actual or real; turn into action or fact.

More examples(as adjective)

"values can be actualised."