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Existing in fact; real.
  1. 'The actual cost of dealing with cancer can run into thousands of pounds.'
  2. 'This came as no real surprise to the actual drivers who completely ignored the threat.'
  3. 'In other words, the actual price of the material and its selling price is very different.'
  4. 'There are actual real live people out there that Blog and I'm going to meet one, How exciting!'
  5. 'You know, there're only about five actual words in the whole of the song.'
  6. 'This is despite the fact that the actual number of poor children has fallen.'
  7. 'In the real world, actual movements are made up of all manner of tendencies and impulses.'
  8. 'The actual cost of creating and maintaining that environment is minimal.'
  9. 'It is a pointer to the fact that the actual bill may, itself, be wrong and the estimate right.'
  10. 'It is difficult to see how the actual words in the Constitution support her approach.'
  11. 'the book could be condensed into half the space, but what of the actual content?'
  12. 'Names are great but it is the actual proceedings that underpin what we do that is important.'
  13. 'The actual life experience of the therapist can be an extremely important factor.'
  14. 'Such benefits are often known as use values, since they require actual participation to enjoy them.'
  15. 'One of the problems is that for a whole range of drink now, the actual alcohol content in them has gone up.'
  16. 'So, the actual content of the cigarette is less important than its function.'
  17. 'All the hype on this one seems to have run ahead of the album's actual content and import.'
  18. 'It would be good to know something about the actual content of the meeting.'
  19. 'The two countries were almost at war and that is much more important than marking the day of the actual event.'
  20. 'Japan is taking part in the peace process as host, but is not an actual participant.'
  21. 'Thus, the actual footage of Carroll saying anything of importance is a bit limited.'
Existing now; current.
  1. 'It will need simple but accurate budgets and forecasts to check against actual income and expenditure.'
  2. 'Estimates which were lower than the actual income of the taxpayer were not appealed against.'
  3. 'This is the gap that exists between the total future market potential and the current actual usage in the market.'
  4. 'There is a dispute between the parties as to the actual income of the Respondent.'

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1. existing in act or fact; real: an actual case of heroism; actual expenses.

2. existing now; present; current: The ship's actual position is 22 miles due east of Miami.

3. Obsolete. pertaining to or involving acts or action.

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"countries can be actual in/at/on years."

"volumes can be actual."

"costs can be actual."

"numbers can be actual."

"figures can be actual."

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Middle English: from Old French actuel ‘active, practical’, from late Latin actualis, from actus (see act).


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