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A woman whose profession is acting on stage, in films, or on television.
  1. 'A theatre company is encouraging a new breed of actors and actresses to take to the stage.'
  2. 'Delivering the monologues are six actresses, each portraying a different type of mother.'
  3. 'Top actors or actresses are making millions of pounds for each film, much more than a footballer earns.'
  4. 'Budding actors and actresses are being hunted by producers of a new movie due to be filmed in East Lancashire.'
  5. 'She said Lola would be a tough part to cast as there are many good actresses in the drama club.'
  6. 'She was a rising actress married to the scriptwriter and trombone player Bentley.'
  7. 'She was a singer not an actress, but we did a reading and I saw she could listen and make adjustments.'
  8. 'I always wanted to be famous, whether it be a pop star or an actress in theatre.'
  9. 'It started with lots of great singing and dancing from some very talented actors and actresses.'
  10. 'She wants to become an actress and attends auditions in a state of nervous euphoria.'
  11. 'I became a very good actress and they nearly always believed me'

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1. a woman who acts in stage plays, motion pictures, television broadcasts, etc., especially professionally.

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"chandlers can be actress."