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Take action; do something.
  1. with infinitive 'governments must act to reduce pollution'
  2. 'However, in the long run, we believe that politicians must act in the interest of all of those who participate in elections.'
  3. 'The rock of Mother Jones' faith was her conviction that working Americans acting together must free themselves from poverty and powerlessness.'
  4. 'The city council needs to act sensitively, but it must act to facilitate public use of our green spaces.'
  5. 'But they must act tomorrow if they are to convene the Northern Ireland Assembly to elect a new first minister.'
  6. 'To be expedient, we must act within the bounds of international law consistent with consensus among the emerging allied coalition.'
  7. 'Labour must act now or more unions will sever their link.'
  8. 'Shipley's Labour MP said the Council must act quickly.'
  9. 'Based upon no common agreement on publicly available information, the Democrats say we must act now.'
  10. 'I have never come across a business so brilliant, nor one so destined for bankruptcy by 2002, so you must act now.'
  11. 'This body must act now to urge our fellow legislators in the United States Senate to alleviate this crisis.'
  12. 'That he was the one who thought of addressing and acting on the issue has lifted my estimation of Mr Rudd very much.'
  13. 'The world's most powerful man acts on the voices he hears in his head.'
  14. 'Meanwhile the Prime Minister, no orator but a politician with an actor's empathy for public mood, acts on his instincts.'
  15. 'Bravo to the captain of the ship for acting on his good conscience when his distress signals fell on deaf ears.'
  16. 'Last but not least, the new Mayor said that he would also be acting on a suggestion by Cllr. Browning.'
  17. 'The MP for North Lanark acted on it and the Army had to conform immediately.'
  18. 'This was because his role in that came to light too late for the Hutton inquiry to act on it.'
  19. 'This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it receives.'
  20. 'We really do welcome your suggestions and try to act on them when possible.'
  21. 'The Crown Prosecution Service acts on society's behalf - in other words, our behalf.'
  22. 'one's ability to act for community change'
  23. 'His espousal of State action, representing the best collective nature of the whole community, was to act for the benefit of all.'
  24. 'If you can't have a democratically accountable administration that acts for the welfare of the citizens, then an international event for which the country has to clean up its act is the next best thing.'
  25. '‘He was not acting for personal gain or to cover dishonesty,’ he said.'
  26. 'Solicitors acting on behalf of a number of officers have written to cinemas and halls pointing out that they may be liable to action should the film be found to be defamatory.'
  27. 'Solicitors acting on behalf of a double murder suspect are to take an appeal against his extradition to the Dutch High Court in The Hague.'
  28. 'I understand you act for the airline, and there was a dispute there some time ago about drug and alcohol testing.'
  29. 'The first stages of a High Court hearing will be heard later this month involving a Dublin law firm acting on behalf of up to 12 individual clients.'
  30. 'It is about time the party stopped its pretence of acting on behalf of all the people when the only people it represents are the well off, big business and the privileged.'
  31. 'As such, unions were represented in local and national government and sought to act for the community.'
  32. 'The purchaser was a solicitor acting on behalf of a client.'
  33. 'After the hearing, Holt, who acts for the twins, said: ‘The award will make a very significant difference to the twins' quality of life.’'
  34. 'They were acting for a local property developer with links to the gypsy community and last month the field became a caravan site.'
  35. 'For the last two years its leader, who allegedly murdered an RUC officer, has claimed to act for the community.'
  36. 'you acted from greed'
  37. 'In part, he speaks and acts from a position of privilege - he has social and financial influence, he can set agendas.'
  38. 'There's a difference between thinking someone's strategies are wrong, and thinking them a knave who acts from ignorance at best, and more likely acts from malice.'
Behave in the way specified.
  1. 'he acts as if he owned the place'
  2. 'Both of these guys spend half of the film acting as if they're posing for a magazine cover.'
  3. 'If we want a Nanny-free State, we must stop acting like children.'
  4. 'In any case, the administration must acknowledge that he acted like a hero, who did his best for his city.'
  5. 'What made it so original was that is she acted as if everything she said made perfect sense.'
  6. 'It wasn't unusual for Krystal to act like a complete crazy person, but today she was acting extra crazy and I knew something was up.'
  7. 'Their main function is to act like an annoying salesperson who wouldn't take no for an answer.'
  8. 'The other thing is people are acting as if corruption in the Olympics is something new.'
  9. 'What is even more outrageous is that Gannon still acts as though he did nothing wrong.'
  10. 'In order to acclimate him to the wild, Dolittle must teach him the ways of nature and how to act like a real bear.'
  11. 'Why are some small/medium-sized companies in such a hurry to act like big stupid companies?'
Fulfil the function or serve the purpose of.
  1. 'a day-care centre which will act as a meeting place'
  2. 'Spraying a strong disinfectant inside refuse bags also acts as a deterrent to foxes.'
  3. 'Police believe their presence also acts as a deterrent against other crimes.'
  4. 'In sunny spring, the location serves as Paris and in misty autumn it acts as London.'
  5. 'He said his organisation acts as a volunteer brokerage service that businesses can use.'
  6. 'Moreover there is no evidence that public humiliation acts as a deterrent.'
  7. 'He is now on the hunt for volunteers to act as business mentors to small Cumbrian enterprises.'
  8. 'Nor is their any evidence at all that the threat of execution acts as a deterrent.'
  9. 'Bethany also acts as her parents' ears as both are deaf, since contracting measles in childhood.'
  10. 'No. Do I think that the threat of capital punishment acts as a deterrent to serious crime?'
  11. 'She has quite literally found herself acting as a foster mother to a very young hare.'
Take effect; have a particular effect.
  1. 'A wide variety of drugs, acting solely on brain structures, influence our minds.'
  2. 'Recent studies have suggested that a number of drugs may act specifically to increase healing rates.'
  3. 'Vulgarone B has proved just as effective - and faster acting - than the current treatment against golden apple snails.'
  4. 'This remedy is given in a highly diluted form and acts on the body to mobilise the immune system.'
  5. 'Cement has been partially effective, as it acts to seal the bone and prevent osteolysis.'
  6. 'A chemical is released by one cell and acts on another to complete the circuit.'
  7. 'Histamine H 2 receptor antagonists act by blocking the effect of histamine on parietal cells.'
  8. 'Wine drunk on its own tastes different when taken with food, because the wine acts on food in a similar way to spices.'
Perform a role in a play, film, or television.
  1. with object 'he acted the role of the king'
  2. 'The movie is being made, with Angelina Jolie acting in the lead role.'
  3. 'He acted with the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2002, in Island Princess, The Malcontent, Edward III and The Roman Actor.'
  4. 'It's also a film that reveals a new beauty which was buried inside all the comedy roles he had acted in.'
  5. 'She began to act in male roles as a child and this continued even later.'
  6. 'He has acted in over 30 films and 60 television serials.'
  7. 'When I'm actually presenting, I'm on stage in a role, I'm acting almost.'
  8. 'Pryor gives the best performance of his career and proves that he can truly act in a dramatic role as well.'
  9. 'He is still afraid of accepting film roles, despite having acted in more than 300 films over the past 29 years.'
  10. 'He is considered to be more of an ‘artist’ than most Tamil actors because he acts in non-stereotypical roles.'
  11. 'She was very strong in the leading role, singing and acting well, while Lee was very creditable as the prince.'
  12. 'May pretended that she was acting sorry about dumping him.'
  13. 'At the moment, they were acting so reserved… pretending a ghost of the relationship they usually had.'
  14. 'Haley sniped examining her fingernails pretending to act aloof about the whole matter.'
  15. 'Caelyn asked, pretending to act coy as she kept one hand around his neck and used to the other to trace his collarbone lightly.'
  16. 'So Charlotte, who was contemptuous of him knowing the right answer but acting dumb to keep in with his mates, is his only hope.'
  17. 'As long as they don't have to act manly and pretend not to be afraid of insects.'
  18. 'She'd planned to act dumb and pretend she'd never known he was there.'
  19. 'They aren't just reading them but acting them out.'
  20. 'This is the movie version of karaoke; basically, you choose a scene, go up on stage and act it out while the film runs on a screen behind you.'
  21. 'The students are supposed to present this poem by acting it out, reading it aloud, or creating a painting or other work of art; these presentations will be videotaped.'
  22. 'Admin officer Williams said: ‘Jane was narrating a story and she got the children to act it out in music.’'
  23. 'My friend and I used to have fun reading out my stories and acting them out… it had us both on the floor in stitches it was that funny!'
  24. 'He proceeds to dazzle them with a story, acting it out with the help of his dog.'
  25. 'My best-friend, Lori, who had an older brother and knew everything, confirmed this story, and once, to my extreme titillation, even acted it out for me.'
  26. 'She wrote a story about Nathan… and took photos of her Nathan doll acting it out!'
  27. 'One couple actually stood in the center of the two lines during the whole baseball announcer verse and acted the whole thing out.'
  28. 'We got hold of the lyrics, and acted it out in the school playground, protecting our territory from the younger kids.'
  29. 'Like so many traumatized children, they were acting it out again and again, Elliott explains, until they could see it in a way that made sense to them.'
  30. 'If we can stay with it, neither acting it out nor repressing it, it wakes us up.'
  31. 'According to Freud, ‘we may say that the patient does not remember anything of what he has forgotten and repressed, but acts it out.’'

More definitions

1. anything done, being done, or to be done; deed; performance: a heroic act.

2. the process of doing: caught in the act.

3. a formal decision, law, or the like, by a legislature, ruler, court, or other authority; decree or edict; statute; judgment, resolve, or award: an act of Congress.

4. an instrument or document stating something done or transacted.

5. one of the main divisions of a play or opera: the second act of Hamlet.

6. a short performance by one or more entertainer

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