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Performing, involving, or adept at spectacular gymnastic feats.
  1. 'They swoop over the crowd on wires and perform acrobatic feats on trapezes.'
  2. 'Today the girls perform on a new springy podium permitting spectacular acrobatic elements.'
  3. 'That leaves little room for anyone else to use them unless they have the nimble acrobatic skills of an Olympic gymnast.'
  4. 'The palace women played all roles, from angels to acrobatic monkeys.'
  5. 'Bell is a stuntwoman who makes her living standing in for the star when the script calls for something acrobatic or dangerous.'
  6. 'Each scene is filled to the brim with artists showcasing their physical skills, from knife fights to acrobatic acts.'
  7. 'In various capsules of the attraction they juggled, clowned and showed off their acrobatic skills to the delight of other passengers.'
  8. 'Actually, I really want to do acrobatic training but I can't find anywhere that offers it.'
  9. 'The big top is back in the Temple City to mesmerise kids and elders alike with acrobatic performances.'
  10. 'The season also includes a quirky musical about menopause and an acrobatic physical theatre show from the West Coast.'

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1. of, relating to, or like an acrobat or acrobatics.

2. having the good balance, agility, and coordination of an acrobat.

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"volleys can be acrobatic."

"feats can be acrobatic."

"skills can be acrobatic."

"acts can be acrobatic."

"leaps can be acrobatic."

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