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An asset or object bought or obtained, typically by a library or museum.
  1. 'The overriding problem with acquisitions is in integrating the new assets.'
  2. 'The bibliography also contains information on general library acquisitions.'
  3. 'It was also used by the RAF for airfield defence, making it a fitting acquisition for the Yorkshire Air Museum.'
  4. 'A show trial is going on in Rome on illegal art acquisitions by the museum.'
  5. 'Among his lauded acquisitions at the museum, Shah Jahan's jade cup holds pride of place.'
  6. 'Although the aircraft will need a complete restoration, it is a very prized acquisition for the museum.'
  7. 'It was thus a valuable acquisition for European powers and the United States.'
  8. 'It is really a valuable acquisition, because it completes our Eastern African deployment.'
  9. 'People reacted so well to the idea that the little museum was soon packed with new acquisitions.'
  10. 'It was concerned about the scheme's viability and the cost of property acquisitions it was asked to intervene in.'
  11. 'there were many acquisitions among travel agents'
  12. 'He said the company had not ruled out raising more external investment to fund acquisitions.'
  13. 'Flynn is believed to be looking for a new investor with enough cash to support a series of international acquisitions.'
  14. 'Visible choices on divestments or acquisitions should be seen to fit with this rationale.'
  15. 'It takes a bit of time to generate the synergies that deliver the shareholder value added from acquisitions.'
  16. 'It has already made three acquisitions, all of profitable businesses, and is believed to be eyeing up another two.'
  17. 'Managers are also pursuing efficiency improvements through mergers and acquisitions.'
  18. 'It was also hiring staff and is considering a number of small acquisitions.'
  19. 'Another chapter is being added to the story of overseas acquisitions by Indian pharma companies.'
  20. 'Is there anything a CEO can do to prevent a calamity in making an acquisition?'
  21. 'In certain circumstances, it can also be used to facilitate a management buyout or acquisition.'
  22. 'western culture places a high value on material acquisition'
  23. 'Farmers are concerned that land acquisition on small holdings will reduce the value of their farms.'
  24. 'If that lease wants to go through the middle of my lease, which gives me two pastoral leases, there is no compulsory acquisition.'
  25. 'London-based CIT specialises in property acquisition, asset management and development.'
  26. 'Thus, to grow through asset acquisition, they need frequent access to the capital market.'
  27. 'The acquisition of the fissile material is the single biggest ingredient in having a weapon.'
  28. 'Media output has come to celebrate themes of material acquisition, violence, sex and lifestyle.'
  29. 'Is a business, whether it be for sale, acquisition, fund-raising or floatation, valued correctly?'
  30. 'It is not surprising that raw material acquisition was directed toward specific taxa.'
  31. 'There had also been a trend of acquisition by people cashing-in on the high value of their homes.'
  32. 'The director said compulsory purchase did not mean confiscation but acquisition at market value.'
The learning or developing of a skill, habit, or quality.
  1. 'As children enter school, they bring diverse levels of language acquisition to the learning process.'
  2. 'Another important mechanism of skill acquisition observed in this study was an increase in efficiency at carrying out a solution.'
  3. 'Primary education now emphasises skills acquisition rather than knowledge.'
  4. 'This may or may not result in more rapid acquisition of English communication skills for ELL students.'
  5. 'Knowledge and acquisition of skills can be accomplished using a number of models and modes of instruction.'
  6. 'It also reveals that a number of early skills reliably predict reading acquisition long before school entry.'
  7. 'And we know that this acquisition of those skills takes a long time.'
  8. 'I feel an extreme sense of accomplishment in my level of skill acquisition - the expert level.'
  9. 'In an integrated program, theory is taught concurrently with skill acquisition.'
  10. 'The brain has a limited capacity to perform controlled processing which in turn limits the first stage of skill acquisition.'

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1. the act of acquiring or gaining possession: the acquisition of real estate.

2. something acquired; addition: public excitement about the museum's recent acquisitions.

3. the purchase of one business enterprise by another: the acquisition of a rival corporation; mergers and acquisitions.

4. Linguistics. the act or process of achieving mastery of a language or a linguistic rule or element: child language acquisition; second language acquisition.

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"years can be acquisition."

"works can be acquisition."

"projects can be acquisition."

"needs can be acquisition."

"lashes can be acquisition."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘act of acquiring something’): from Latin acquisitio(n-), from the verb acquirere (see acquire).