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Make someone aware of or familiar with.
  1. 'you need to acquaint yourself with the house style'
  2. 'I shall try to acquaint you with that abode of human misery.'
  3. 'There our host Fillip Lissicharov was acquainting us with the production of rose and lavender oils.'
  4. 'The account tugs at the heart, and acquaints us with the pain suffered by all those who were affected by a division that ought never to have happened.'
  5. 'Local security sources could have acquainted him with these facts if he had asked before making his assertions last Thursday.'
  6. 'A US official at the UN began acquainting him with the ‘political realities’ before he left New York.'
  7. 'Anticapitalism and the antiwar movement has pulled many to the Left without acquainting them with the nature of social and political power.'
  8. 'By the time he painted this well-known image of Iona, Peploe had been acquainted with the island for four years.'
  9. 'To acquaint me with the ground reality, he asked me to stay at the village and supervise the irrigation of peaches during April-May, which I did.'
  10. 'You've acquainted us with the advantages of both.'
  11. 'My answer to that accusation is that there is nothing shabby or disgraceful in telling writers the truth and acquainting them with the painful facts of publishing life.'
  12. 'I am not acquainted with any young lady of that name'
  13. 'Are you acquainted socially or professionally with anyone who knows you under a different name?'
  14. 'He was acquainted with Mr Boyle and had met him on a number of occasions.'
  15. 'Lilah is not acquainted with her, which also means the readers have yet to meet her.'
  16. 'Today many of us are acquainted with persons of other religious traditions.'
  17. 'What I cannot understand is why he is now pursuing our daughter and why he has not told her that he was once acquainted with us.'
  18. 'We're getting acquainted in a delectably discreet and secluded restaurant.'
  19. 'He's a friend of mine, we are acquainted, he's a previous Templeton Prize winner.'
  20. 'She said that if the voters do not dine with the candidate, how could they be acquainted with him?'
  21. 'Steve reckons it is probably a blessing that he has yet to be acquainted with the MP.'
  22. 'Hankey can be found too in various biographies of Swinburne, with whom, naturally, he was acquainted.'

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1. having personal knowledge as a result of study, experience, etc.; informed (usually followed by with): to be acquainted with law.

2. brought into social contact; made familiar: people acquainted through mutual friends.

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"people can be acquainted with people."

"people can be acquainted as cases."

"people can be acquainted with revokings."

"people can be acquainted with rays."

"people can be acquainted with manners."

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Middle English: from Old French acointier ‘make known’, from late Latin accognitare, from Latin accognoscere, from ad- ‘to’ + cognoscere ‘come to know’.