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Recognized as being good or important.
  1. 'an acknowledged comedy genius'
  2. 'Despite being the acknowledged leader of contemporary German realism Leibl had a greater reputation in France where he regularly exhibited at the Paris Salon.'
  3. 'An acknowledged Paris expert, she is also the author of the Paris Entry to the Encarta Encylopaedia and contributes to radio, television and magazines.'
  4. 'Suspense, of which Hitchcock remains the acknowledged master, is merely the form of cinema that focuses most self-consciously on this general truth of cinematic experience.'
  5. 'These paintings clearly have precedence in date to the first abstracts of such acknowledged pioneers as Dove, Kandinsky, and Kupka.'
  6. 'Joe Donnelly's greatest love is twentieth-century design and the decorative arts, on which he is an acknowledged authority.'
  7. 'A law was passed in 1911 to make Charlotte Prince Louis' acknowledged heir and a member of the royal family.'
  8. 'This is abundantly declared in their official documents and by their acknowledged representatives.'
  9. 'It is an acknowledged fact that parents, especially mothers, play a very important role in a dancer's life.'
  10. 'The Ramblers Association is the acknowledged representative of all walkers in Great Britain - urban and rural, energetic and slow, old and young.'
  11. 'Significantly lower antibiotic use by walk-in centres may reflect acknowledged difficulties identifying patients who will benefit from antibiotics.'

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1. widely recognized; generally accepted: an acknowledged authority on Chinese art.

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"rises can be acknowledged as things."

"experts can be acknowledged."

"leaders can be acknowledged."

"problems can be acknowledged."

"powers can be acknowledged."

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