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Accept or admit the existence or truth of.
  1. with clause 'the government acknowledged that the tax was unfair'
  2. 'He acknowledged that allowing customers to skip past adverts was an issue with advertisers.'
  3. 'He acknowledged that there was some basis in truth to the allegations made regarding the woman.'
  4. 'At the post-summit press conference he acknowledged that the measures agreed were not a complete answer to the problem of illegal immigration.'
  5. 'She admitted that some of her videotaped statement was incorrect and acknowledged that she gave false evidence at the preliminary inquiry.'
  6. 'The health officer acknowledged that dozens of refugees had fallen sick due to lack of food, medicine, clean water, bedding and sanitation.'
  7. 'Speaking privately, authority officials acknowledged that conditions in some places are so inhumane that they probably violate international law.'
  8. 'It is a truth universally acknowledged that American politics runs in generational cycles.'
  9. 'A fall in some crimes in South Yorkshire has brought praise from the police authority, which has acknowledged that more work needs to be done to reduce violent offences.'
  10. 'We welcome the fact that the minister has acknowledged that it is not acceptable that NHS staff become victims of abuse by patients.'
Recognize the importance or quality of.
  1. 'the hotel is widely acknowledged as one of Cornwall's finest'
  2. 'In an era where competition has become intense, quality has come to be acknowledged as the key to maintaining an edge over rivals.'
  3. 'The Austrian Ingeborg Bachmann has been acknowledged as the most important German-speaking poet of the twentieth century.'
  4. 'Sir David Frost is acknowledged as one of the best known television interviewers in the world and next month's interview is likely to prove an engaging one between two veterans.'
  5. 'A professional musician for near enough to thirty years at this stage, Jimmy Crowley is truly acknowledged as one of Ireland's finest folk and trad entertainers.'
  6. 'They want Edinburgh to be acknowledged as the most important city, the capital indeed, of northern Europe.'
  7. 'The show is acknowledged as one of the most important events in the car calendar.'
  8. 'He has been acknowledged as one of Canada's foremost visionaries and entrepreneurs and is also identified as an influential and passionate activist for all levels of academia.'
  9. 'In the years since its 1988 release, Fisherman's Blues has been acknowledged as an important staging post in the rebirth of folk music.'
  10. 'Golds is acknowledged as a leading firm in banking, property and corporate law.'
  11. 'Cream never did reunite, but are rightfully acknowledged as the earliest incarnations of blues-based hard rock bands, soon to become a staple of the rock diet.'
  12. 'In it were their letters of obligation, acknowledging her latest distribution of money and clothing and prodigal advice.'
  13. 'Local firefighters were acknowledged for their long service at a special NSW Fire Brigades medal presentation in Lismore last Saturday.'
  14. 'It is with great appreciation that Psychiatric Times acknowledges Dr. Gunderson for his work in planning and reviewing this special report.'
  15. 'Mrs Quinn received a Certificate of Thanks for all her hard work acknowledging her unstinting service to the local charity.'
  16. 'Generally horse riders acknowledge their appreciation by raising their hands and smiling although there are the exceptions.'
  17. 'We do appreciate and acknowledge the yeoman service rendered by Sourav Ganguly as captain of the Indian cricket team.'
  18. 'Appreciation was acknowledged of the club's sponsors and the community council.'
  19. 'I thank them for their continuing dedication and hard work in generating most of the funds, which enable the Foundation to provide the service which is acknowledged and valued in both counties.'
  20. 'Government servants normally receive only brickbats and on rare occasions their services are acknowledged with a bouquet.'
  21. 'The valuable support of Professor Philip Clarke, Dean, Faculty of Business and Law is also acknowledged with appreciation.'
  22. 'Henry acknowledged Richard as his heir'
  23. 'Most Asatru refuse to acknowledge it as legitimate.'
  24. 'Then Lord Elgin, his family and descendants of the noblemen who acknowledged the king's legitimate enthronement at the time, will dip their family flags in homage to the Bruce.'
  25. 'His mother, who married after 1949, refused to acknowledge him.'
  26. 'Emotions expressed by the patient or their family members should be acknowledged and legitimized.'
  27. 'Adam still came to my room, but he refused to acknowledge his own daughter which made me furious.'
  28. 'The following month, Mary's first Parliament acknowledged the validity of Catherine of Aragon's marriage, by implication bastardizing Elizabeth once more.'
  29. 'In Norway she was not only made ruler for life, but her nephew, Eric of Pomerania, was acknowledged as the lawful heir.'
  30. 'I am heartened that they have acknowledged the validity of our marriage.'
  31. 'Some parents refuse to acknowledge such sons as their progeny, and place adverts in newspapers proclaiming disavowal.'
  32. 'It is not that they were unwilling to acknowledge the written word as a legitimate source of learning and wisdom.'
Show that one has noticed or recognized (someone) by making a gesture or greeting.
  1. 'Connor walked into the room and I narrowed my eyes at him slightly but quickly looked away, refusing to acknowledge him further.'
  2. 'I even refused to acknowledge him in the hallways, that's how hurt I was.'
  3. 'He is famous for refusing to acknowledge Elizabeth ever again after she eloped with Browning.'
  4. 'She passed the captain and, refusing to acknowledge him, lifted her chin high and looked in the other direction.'
  5. 'I was aware of his stare but I refused to acknowledge him.'
  6. 'Shivering from his cold sweat, Erik refused to acknowledge Maria, instead he clamped his arms tightly to his body, trying not to tremble.'
  7. 'My frown slowly melted into a full fledged scowl at her ‘compliment’ and I bit the inside of my cheek, pointedly refusing to acknowledge her.'
  8. 'He called her name but she refused to acknowledge him.'
  9. 'Whenever I go out, people refuse to acknowledge me if I start talking to them.'
  10. 'He nodded his head acknowledging my friends presence and they giggled like idiots.'
  11. 'I should be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter'
  12. 'The accused had acknowledged receipt of the document and signed the acknowledgement.'
  13. 'We wrote to them with the under mentioned remarks on March 5 and surprise, surprise no one has even bothered to acknowledge our letter.'
  14. 'The agents did acknowledge the letter, saying that they would look into the matter and that they hoped to write again shortly.'
  15. 'I am very angry that we didn't even get a letter back acknowledging our petition, because we spent a lot of time on it.'
  16. 'I'm not sure she ever replied or even acknowledged the letter.'
  17. 'He had also wrote to Minister Cullen, who'd also acknowledged his letter, requesting him to use his contacts to expedite the meeting.'
  18. 'Ms Hughes acknowledged the letter on March 17 last year and then wrote on April 10 indicating that action was being taken.'
  19. 'That letter was acknowledged by NCIS by letter dated 17th March, received into these offices on 20th March.'
  20. 'A courteous letter acknowledging the complaint would have been quite sufficient.'
  21. 'The rest of Council rejected her call to cancel the deal, and were unwilling to acknowledge the letter.'

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1. to admit to be real or true; recognize the existence, truth, or fact of: to acknowledge one's mistakes.

2. to show or express recognition or realization of: to acknowledge an acquaintance by nodding.

3. to recognize the authority, validity, or claims of: The students acknowledged the authority of the student council.

4. to show or express appreciation or gratitude for: to acknowledge a favor.

5. to indicate or make known t

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Late 15th century: from the obsolete Middle English verb knowledge, influenced by obsolete acknow ‘acknowledge, confess’.