Adjective "acidulous" definition and examples

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Sharp-tasting; sour.
  1. 'The rind is rough and woolly and the flesh harsh and unpalatable, with an astringent, acidulous taste.'
  2. 'They are acid, and considered by some to be better than tamarind for the preparation of acidulous drinks.'
  3. 'I am so upset at some of the very acidulous remarks made by some people.'
  4. 'Your candid approach mixed with acidulous remarks makes you the frivolous person you are.'
  5. 'Peter Bowles as Judith's novelist husband best catches the acidulous tone of Coward's comedy of bad manners.'

More definitions

1. slightly sour.

2. sharp; caustic: his acidulous criticism of the book.

3. moderately acid or tart; subacid.

More examples(as adjective)

"tastes can be acidulous."

"palaeontologists can be acidulous."

"correspondents can be acidulous."


Mid 18th century: from Latin acidulus (from acidus ‘sour’) + -ous.