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Make or become acid.
  1. 'The supernatant was collected and the sediment suspended in a double volume of water, acidified and centrifuged.'
  2. 'Lactic acid acidifies crop contents, making them less conducive to bacterial growth.'
  3. 'Israeli researchers at the Weizman Institute of Science and Tel Aviv University have discovered that cranberries do much more than slightly acidifying urine.'
  4. 'Bleach doesn't acidify water, but it does kill bacteria.'
  5. 'Scientists know that carbon dioxide is warming the atmosphere, which in turn is causing sea level to rise, and that the CO 2 absorbed by the oceans is acidifying the water.'
  6. 'To acidify alkaline soils, mix in peat or acid fertilizer periodically.'
  7. 'The reaction mixture was poured onto water, acidified and extracted with ethyl acetate.'
  8. 'Sulfur dioxide creates a haze of pollution that cripples people and acidifies lakes.'
  9. 'Malic acid is available commercially for use in acidifying foods and beverages and in numerous industrial processes.'
  10. 'International shipping may be one of the largest sources of air pollutants along the Norwegian coast and in the Northern Atlantic, forming ground-level ozone and acidifying shorelines, according to Norwegian researchers.'

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1. to make or become acid; convert into an acid.

2. to make or become sour.

More examples(as adjective)

"soils can be acidified at depths."

"lakes can be acidified."

"waters can be acidified."

"aspirins can be acidified."

"solutions can be acidified."

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