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Having an ache in a part of one's body.
  1. 'Some people may have a raised temperature, headaches and aching limbs.'
  2. 'During those hard times, the poor quality food barely appeased my aching belly.'
  3. 'Behind the glamour there are tears and aching muscles.'
  4. 'Late yesterday Graham started a sore throat and aching joints.'
  5. 'I'm sure there's plenty of aching bodies across Kirklees after fantastic efforts by dozens of charity runners.'
  6. 'They told me my aching back would get no relief on the rugged road ahead.'
  7. 'No other symptoms are usually present apart from occasional aching joints.'
  8. 'Be prepared for aching ribs Sunday morning.'
Arousing, experiencing, or expressive of intense sorrow or longing.
  1. 'an aching sense of loss'
  2. 'The cold really hurts, but there are moments of raw and aching beauty despite the harsh unforgiving environment.'
  3. 'There is an aching poignancy about Dermot Bolger's wonderfully lyrical ninth novel, 'The Family on Paradise Pier'.'
  4. 'With their aching melancholy, these a cappella numbers for three voices are the perfect accompaniment to the understated drama unfolding in this dusty terrain.'
  5. 'Their 1967 double-A-side single "Penny Lane"/"Strawberry Fields Forever" transformed the nondescript streets of Liverpool suburbs into places of aching nostalgia.'

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1. causing physical pain or distress: treatment for an aching back.

2. full of or precipitating nostalgia, grief, loneliness, etc.

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"people can be aching in smuts."

"backs can be aching."

"muscles can be aching."

"legs can be aching."

"joints can be aching."

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