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Charge (someone) with an offence or crime.
  1. 'And maybe those who gathered outside the court to view the prominent six felt that the crimes they are accused of are worse than rape or murder.'
  2. 'The defense stressed that the whole South lacked food, medicine, and other supplies at the time, and that Wirz was often too ill to have carried out the violent crimes he was accused of committing.'
  3. 'In a 460-page indictment they were accused of several counts of gross embezzlement, a punishable offence which could attract sentences of up to 10 years prison.'
  4. 'He only turns to crime for revenge when he is accused of the attempted murder of a policeman.'
  5. 'He struck them as a decent, genuine man and told them about the offences he had been accused of.'
  6. 'Phoenix ran from the room like a man guilty of the crimes he had been accused of.'
  7. 'This forced the federal government to give up interference with the legal proceedings and the tribunals ended up acquitting us from the crimes we were accused of.'
  8. 'Socrates is certainly not guilty of the crimes he is accused of.'
  9. 'If you floated you were guilty of the crime you were accused of.'
  10. 'It is an effort to remember whether the subjects of Celebrity Justice were famous before being charged with something bad or they became notorious after they were accused of a crime.'
  11. 'He claims that they accused him of being a fool and implied he was a knave who was guilty of dishonourable conduct.'
  12. 'They weren't accusing me of doing anything wrong, but they didn't think I should have written about it.'
  13. 'She had felt his accusation, in his eyes, and she displayed so by exploding into a sudden rage on the sidewalk, ripping her hand from her side to point at him, accusing him of doing something wrong now.'
  14. 'An ice-cream vendor severely slashed a Bangkok dentist with a small sword after accusing him of pulling the wrong tooth, police said yesterday.'
  15. 'The Minister claimed costs had soared by nearly 40 per cent but he was accused of changing accounting rules.'
  16. 'A company executive who made millions for a telephone service has won his claim for unfair dismissal after he was accused of not being a ‘team player’.'
  17. '‘We got a lot of stick, accusing us of picking the wrong horses, but the results speak for themselves,’ he beamed.'
  18. 'They dismissed his claims, accusing him of trying to stir up racial tension for political advantage.'
  19. 'Their defence will claim the secret information they were accused of gathering is freely available in books and on the Internet and that they were simply keen plane spotters at a public air show.'
  20. 'The Independent Schools accused Edinburgh University of being unfair and claimed it was getting harder and harder for their pupils to get places.'

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1. to charge with the fault, offense, or crime (usually followed by of): He accused him of murder.

2. to find fault with; blame. verb (used without object), accused, accusing.

3. to make an accusation.

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"views can be accuse of things."

"people can be accuse of things."

"people can be accuse of gods."

"states can be accuse of racketeerings."

"states can be accuse of interferings."

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Middle English: from Old French acuser, from Latin accusare ‘call to account’, from ad- ‘towards’ + causa ‘reason, motive, lawsuit’.