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(of a benefit or sum of money) be received by someone in regular or increasing amounts over time.
  1. 'the accrued interest'
  2. 'Various tax benefits accrue from the operation of the company.'
  3. 'Whatever benefits have already accrued to you, you'll be allowed to keep.'
  4. 'Further savings should accrue from debt refinancing.'
  5. 'There is a commitment to set up a National Transformation Fund if significant once-off revenues accrue from the sale of state assets.'
  6. 'More intangible benefits accrue from the learning process and are missed or under-appreciated by the Air Force; they are often missed even by the graduating student.'
  7. 'Benefit usually accrued to the state in which the training occurred.'
  8. 'This article exempts dividends received or accrued to any taxpayer from income tax liability.'
  9. 'Every policy has a minimum guaranteed value made up of the sum assured plus the bonuses accrued to date.'
  10. 'Additional expenses also accrue from the testing of new units needed to complete the transfusion order.'
  11. 'But focus on economic fundamentals alone, and it's easy to see that this recovery finally has legs, thanks in large part to a more even split between income gains accruing to businesses and money going to households.'
  12. 'Beyond all the emotions, there are tangible benefits that can be accrued.'
  13. 'The rate at which directors can accrue benefits is also more generous than the schemes they offer to their staff.'
  14. 'Harlequin Ducks that pair early with a known mate may accrue similar benefits.'
  15. 'Too often the switching is not done in time and payments are missed, accruing considerable embarrassment and penalties.'
  16. 'There was no requirement even to accrue other post-employment benefits, and no detailed disclosure requirements.'
  17. 'Well apart from being a bit of fun, does having a fantasy league attached to your competition accrue any benefits to netball and to the national league?'
  18. 'The Protestant Reformers defined the Roman doctrine of Works as a form of barter system, whereby believers could accrue spiritual benefits for themselves and salvation through their performance.'
  19. 'Undeniably, program managers should take the first step to accrue direct benefits to their programs.'
  20. 'The actuary also determines the contribution needed to maintain the fund at this level bearing in mind that the members continuously accrue additional benefits.'
  21. 'Many applaud the new phosphorus standards as a best management practice that will accrue environmental benefits.'
  22. 'at 31 December the amount due for the final quarter is accrued'
  23. 'A debt can be garnished by a judgment creditor if it is accrued and payable at the time the order nisi is made.'

More definitions

1. to happen or result as a natural growth, addition, etc.

2. to be added as a matter of periodic gain or advantage, as interest on money.

3. Law. to become a present and enforceable right or demand.

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"interests can be accrued."

"dividends can be accrued."

"revenues can be accrued."

"rights can be accrued."

"liabilities can be accrued."

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(accrue)Late Middle English: from Old French acreue, past participle of acreistre ‘increase’, from Latin accrescere ‘become larger’ (see accrete).