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The profession or duties of an accountant.
  1. 'Martin did not continue his cricket career beyond these matches and instead spent a professional career in accountancy.'
  2. 'He received a first class honours degree in accountancy and business studies.'
  3. 'Traditional middle class professions such as the law and accountancy have made solid progress.'
  4. 'You can take the man out of accountancy, but it's difficult to take the accountant out of the man.'
  5. 'Far from being an economist, and no great mathematician, I do know the basics of accountancy and can read a balance sheet.'
  6. 'But he is encouraged by the influx of women into accountancy, with many now in leading company positions.'
  7. 'He took an engineering degree at Bristol University before following his father into accountancy.'
  8. 'Elaborating, she said that she studies computers, maths, accountancy and biology.'
  9. 'My long experience of accountancy has enabled me to meet countless accountants, through work and socially.'
  10. 'Possible options suggested were accountancy or even the civil service.'

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1. the art or practice of an accountant.

More examples(as adjective)

"presses can be accountancy."

"jobs can be accountancy."

"advices can be accountancy."