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Publicly praised; celebrated.
  1. 'an acclaimed artist'
  2. 'Apparently creating critically acclaimed music entails more than what we see in the final product.'
  3. 'The relationship lasted almost ten years, until the pair worked together in an acclaimed production of Hamlet.'
  4. 'There have been three other television versions of Richard II, all sourced from acclaimed stage productions.'
  5. 'Despite the timing of the sale, the reality is that such internationally acclaimed estates take a long time to find new owners.'
  6. 'Many critically acclaimed photographers teach to earn a living.'
  7. 'The possibility for innovation and the revival of an acclaimed artistic powerhouse is going to be highly attractive.'
  8. 'In the field of communications, he is the author of eight critically acclaimed books that have been translated into twenty languages.'
  9. 'It was issued to compete with acclaimed extended recordings by the leading big bands of the era.'
  10. 'Long ago, an acclaimed musician passed away at the mature age of thirty-five.'
  11. 'The film is adapted from the acclaimed novel.'


1. to welcome or salute with shouts or sounds of joy and approval; applaud: to acclaim the conquering heroes.

2. to announce or proclaim with enthusiastic approval: to acclaim the new king. verb (used without object)

3. to make acclamation; applaud. noun

4. acclamation (defs 1, 2).

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"films can be acclaimed."

"movies can be acclaimed."

"budgets can be acclaimed."

"artists can be acclaimed."

"plays can be acclaimed."

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