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(of a place) able to be reached or entered.
  1. 'this room is not accessible to elderly people'
  2. 'The land is accessible by means of existing public rights of way and a regular bus service.'
  3. 'She also comments that there are no laws in Lebanon ensuring that public areas are accessible to disabled people.'
  4. 'The site is accessible by means of a narrow path on the southern side.'
  5. 'The site is accessible by a choice of means of transport.'
  6. 'Coun Hilary Cripps said the toilets at Chantry Lane were not accessible to wheelchair users and if the town hall toilets closed, it would leave just George Lane toilets for the disabled.'
  7. 'The location is accessible by car and motorcycle, but to get to the crater itself you have to walk another three kilometers along a path.'
  8. 'Most sites and programs in the park are accessible to persons with disabilities.'
  9. 'The graveyard is only accessible by sea, so sailors from the Type 22 warship hopped in a boat provided by the British Embassy in the Omani capital, Muscat, to reach the cove.'
  10. 'Roads are excellent and many of the prime areas are accessible by 2WD vehicles although for the most remote areas it is only safe to travel in convoys of 4WD vehicles.'
  11. 'Peace and quiet is available further north at Scotland Bay, but that area is not accessible by road.'
  12. 'Everything is easily accessible to the customer, who is left free to browse until assistance is needed.'
  13. 'This will make data regarding what material is available accessible to a wider group of researchers.'
  14. 'Nor were schools easily accessible to the larger majority of Sicilians; only the wealthy were able to take advantage of the limited opportunities.'
  15. 'Not only is online information easily accessible to employees, it frees human resources staff to deal with non-routine issues.'
  16. 'It said primary care trusts must pay much more attention to men's health, particularly by making local services more easily accessible to them.'
  17. 'The NCC should be easily accessible to children and should have in-built mechanisms like toll-free phone lines and the presence of children's friends.'
  18. 'But materials available in private collections and religious establishments are not easily accessible to scholars.'
  19. 'It's really about ensuring that the company resources are maintained and easily accessible to the right people.'
  20. 'The BIND database and its associated software tools are easily accessible to both academics and commercial companies worldwide.'
  21. 'He tried several detoxification centres, including one in Cuba, but said most of the Caribbean's medical services were not easily accessible to addicts and people with mental health problems.'
  22. 'an accessible account of his theories'
  23. 'It is one of the world's most well loved ballets and is easily accessible to those whose knowledge of classical ballet is only limited.'
  24. 'It's not just the picture on the front cover but the 130 inside that make this book easily accessible to those who are not familiar with the area.'
  25. 'However, his accounts were personal and, at times, not entirely accessible to the audience.'
  26. 'Appreciation of context transforms knowledge to understanding, and only education can make that context accessible to us.'
  27. 'For all his commitment to the faith and practice of the church, Childs has not written a commentary easily accessible to those working in the church.'
  28. 'Many of these methods are not yet widely used because they are not easily understood or packaged in accessible ways.'
  29. 'Third, he made it all accessible to the intelligent layman in simple, lucid English.'
  30. 'The author's prose is clear and his image of Zimbabwe is accessible and understandable, if perhaps oversimplified.'
  31. 'Sometimes, paradoxically, you can even use ambiguity to make the story more understandable or accessible.'
  32. 'The sooner educationalists use accessible and understandable terms, the more sensible their pronouncements will become.'
  33. 'Mayo County librarian, Austin Vaughan, told the Western People that the mobile library is currently being upgraded to become wheelchair accessible.'
  34. 'Wendy, Jack and Caryn helped design Quarantine Reserve in 1988 to make sure it was fully accessible for people in wheelchairs, and even the barbecues have ramps so they can be used by all.'
  35. 'After a couple of months of rehabilitation at a Calgary hospital, Berg and van Breda moved to Steveston where they have purchased a home and made it wheelchair accessible.'
  36. 'The main entrance has been made wheelchair accessible and much improved.'
  37. 'As a society we are still designing buses and taxis according to non-disabled norms, rather than ensuring that any taxi or bus is accessible for wheelchairs and prams and other exceptions to the norm.'
  38. 'All Museum buildings are wheelchair accessible.'
  39. 'Should she return to work before then, it is likely that some adjustments would have to be made at the courts to make them more accessible for wheelchair users.'
  40. 'The museum is fully accessible, and wheelchairs are available.'
  41. 'Improved student facilities would also be provided, along with better access for staff and student wheelchair users to ensure the new campus is 100 per cent wheelchair accessible.'
  42. 'The restaurant is non-smoking and wheelchair accessible.'
(of a person, especially one in a position of authority) friendly and easy to talk to; approachable.
  1. 'It changed my mind about backpackers, as I discovered they were cheaper and often better quality than most hotels, and the people are more accessible and friendlier.'
  2. '‘It's important for me that I am accessible and approachable, it doesn't matter what level or who the participants are,’ said Cattermole.'
  3. 'We want people to feel they are an accessible and approachable channel of communication.'
  4. 'I think of myself as a very friendly, easy, accessible guy, but I seem to intimidate people, or at least the fact of who I am intimidates people.'
  5. 'Anyone who met him at the conventions can attest to how friendly and accessible he was.'
  6. 'Not necessarily accessible, but approachable, you know?'


1. easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or use.

2. that can be used, entered, reached, etc.: an accessible road; accessible ruins.

3. obtainable; attainable: accessible evidence.

4. open to the influence of (usually followed by to): accessible to bribery.

More examples(as adjective)

"rivers can be accessible to traffics."

"people can be accessible to people."

"people can be accessible to networks."

"packages can be accessible to users."

"vehicles can be accessible to people."

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Late Middle English: from late Latin accessibilis, from Latin access- ‘approached’, from the verb accedere (see accede).