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Able to be agreed on; suitable.
  1. 'The issue should be solved through dialogue, because this is the only way to reach a solution acceptable to all sides.'
  2. 'It's to National's discredit that they continue to play politics with the issue, rather than trying to work together to find a solution acceptable to all.'
  3. '‘Surely we have rights,’ he said as he pinned his hopes on the six elected members for the area to find a solution that will be acceptable to everyone.'
  4. 'Then, taking one issue at a time, the parties review the ideas, modifying and combining them to achieve a practical solution acceptable to both.'
  5. 'The mid-term aim was to come up with a marketable solution that would be acceptable to a greater number of customers, resulting in higher production volumes.'
  6. 'But nor did the nineteenth century find a solution acceptable to both sides.'
  7. 'He said a solution had to be found that was acceptable to all parties involved, especially Dúchas, Kerry County Council and recreational users of Rossbeigh Spit.'
  8. 'Instead of finding solutions that are acceptable to both sides they impose a direction such that you're either with them or against them.'
  9. 'He was disappointed that the Company did not find a site that would have been suitable and acceptable to people in the area.'
  10. 'The Executive is now anxious to find a solution that would be acceptable to both fishermen and conservationists.'
  11. 'an acceptable substitute for champagne'
  12. 'Then, too, he is an acceptable moderator to the candidates because he's firmly predictable.'
  13. 'I found their arguments reasonable and a moderately acceptable update on the original book.'
  14. 'Instead Wednesday and Thursday saw moderate but acceptable gains, indicating that the bad news has been discounted.'
  15. 'The search for an acceptable substitute was already well underway by 1905.'
  16. 'I could squeeze my own lemons, but Jif make a perfectly acceptable substitute.'
  17. 'It can look a little gauche to blog about some seemingly random scrap of nostalgia, but if I link those memories to an anniversary then suddenly my blogpost has an acceptable reason to exist.'
  18. 'I don't smoke, however, so I'm hoping nibbling on expensive dark chocolates will be an acceptable substitute.'
  19. 'Now, that is perfectly conventional and acceptable reasoning, and that determines this case.'
  20. 'Much of the trade sought to replace imports with local substitutes of acceptable quality but lower cost.'
  21. 'Aristocratic charm is not an acceptable substitute for morals.'
  22. 'The Velodrome, Arunga Park, Pioneer Park and the Golf Course are all venues that are rated as being up with the best in the land, and most acceptable for elite competition.'
  23. 'Otherwise, this is a very acceptable print that should please all 248 gazillion fans.'
Able to be tolerated or allowed.
  1. 'If nothing else, the fact that some men assault women lowers our standards for acceptable behavior.'
  2. 'If their behaviour falls below acceptable standards they will be prosecuted.'
  3. 'We all talked about how washing the hair allows nurses to provide acceptable touching and that massaging the head can be relaxing.'
  4. 'That was twenty years ago and I am sure that times have changed and it would no longer be allowed or acceptable.'
  5. 'Try to replace swear words with acceptable substitutes.'
  6. 'Is it appropriate and acceptable to come to this House dressed like that?'
  7. 'We also know that the Dunedin City Council is budgeting $30 million, over the next 2 years, to get its water standards up to an acceptable level.'
  8. 'Earlier this year, Ofsted said many schools were being held back by low-level disruption and revealed that only one in three secondary schools had acceptable standards of behaviour.'
  9. 'Maybe the electorate believes that these acts of deception are acceptable standards of behaviour in today's society?'
  10. 'The problems stemmed from different standards of privacy and acceptable noise levels.'


1. capable or worthy of being accepted.

2. pleasing to the receiver; satisfactory; agreeable; welcome.

3. meeting only minimum requirements; barely adequate: an acceptable performance.

4. capable of being endured; tolerable; bearable: acceptable levels of radiation.

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"styles can be acceptable to examiners."

"people can be acceptable to people."

"movements can be acceptable by standards."

"demands can be acceptable to oppositions."

"trials can be acceptable in countries."

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Late Middle English: from Old French, from late Latin acceptabilis, from acceptare (see accept).


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