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Consent to receive or undertake (something offered)
  1. 'she accepted a temporary post as a clerk'
  2. 'For the next three years she oversaw the Czech Republic's developmental team, eventually accepting a coaching position in Florida.'
  3. 'I accepted the gift from him after being sure he had gotten permission to give it away.'
  4. 'Dr. D, a young psychiatrist living with bipolar illness, had just accepted a faculty position in town.'
  5. 'Donations were accepted on behalf of the bereaved.'
  6. 'Some employees feel coerced into accepting a supervisory position that they are not ready to fill-one reason being the higher compensation that accompanies it.'
  7. 'She accepted the position, and two years later, she took over as manager of the OR at the hospital's city campus.'
  8. 'Before accepting the faculty position, he also had worked with Sharpe for 12 years at Skidmore.'
  9. 'I accepted the position with one caveat: I wanted to have the blessing of my company and of the people I work for here.'
  10. 'The Gillow bookcases in the Billiard Room were also accepted in lieu of tax.'
  11. 'Most of my graduating students in science are having an uphill battle getting a job, and many are accepting positions they would not have considered five years ago.'
  12. no object 'Tim offered Brian a lift home and he accepted'
  13. 'There is no difficulty here and we do not intend to accept that proposal.'
  14. 'Labour sources have indicated they are likely to accept the proposals for free dental checks as part of a larger package to improve dental healthcare.'
  15. 'I'd be interested to learn why so few merger proposals are accepted.'
  16. 'However, that proposal was not accepted by the Government either.'
  17. 'They tell farmers that we should accept the proposals because the WTO cuts are going to happen anyway.'
  18. 'The Council accepted BWG's proposal and a group of interested parties and individuals was set up.'
  19. 'The proposal was accepted and a policy was issued by Powell on behalf of the Defendants.'
  20. 'The type of train system - the options include elevated, ground, monorail, light rail - would be decided before accepting proposals, he said.'
  21. 'Initially, employees refused to accept the government's proposal, claiming there was a lack of guarantees.'
  22. 'The proposal was accepted unanimously, as it was a few days later at the general International Socialist Congress.'
  23. 'Not long ago she would have denied him, but she had finally accepted him.'
  24. 'He was surprised by the way she accepted him so readily, but he wasn't about to question her behavior when he was so overwhelmed.'
  25. 'She also felt more than a little guilty thinking these sorts of thoughts towards Ian when she had so recently accepted Dan as her beau.'
  26. 'He hated how she made him think she accepted him, and then crushed all his hopes and smiled triumphantly as he walked away dejected.'
  27. 'He is not angry with her and says he feels lucky to be able to die in her arms and asks her to squeeze his hand if she accepts him as her husband.'
  28. 'the college accepted her as a student'
  29. 'Other American students who have not yet been accepted to college use a gap year specifically to build their resumes.'
  30. 'Katie Charing, currently on a gap year, has been accepted into Somerville College, Oxford to study English.'
  31. 'On finishing secondary school I was accepted for agricultural college.'
  32. 'Somehow or another I managed to get the right combination of honours and passes to be accepted at college.'
  33. 'Accepted everywhere Visa is accepted so the recipient can buy exactly what they want.'
  34. 'However, official statistics show that there are just 3107 locations that accept Visa cards in Bulgaria.'
  35. 'If he wants to accept Visa charge cards, that's the cut Higgins must forfeit.'
  36. 'He's just going through the motions, like a high school senior who's already been accepted to college.'
  37. 'All with the convenience of a card that has your name on it and is accepted anywhere they accept Visa.'
  38. 'Use the cash cards at stores where Visa is accepted, on-line and at ATMs.'
  39. 'the Irish never accepted him as one of them'
  40. 'Laughter and agreement came from the 4 men at the table, and Parker knew he was now accepted by the other men.'
  41. 'And, marvelously, he accepts us and welcomes us to his table of grace.'
  42. 'He knows all are sinners and believes Jesus accepts all.'
  43. 'Chris was a good guy who accepted Jerry while no one else would.'
  44. 'I've seen too much so I know that a woman who I've never met wouldn't willingly accept me.'
  45. 'The Supporters Club was accepted by Spurs and is now officially affiliated to the famous English League Club.'
  46. 'And if it does, you can't expect everyone to stand around and accept you as you are.'
  47. 'The simple truth is, most people I've come across HAVEN'T accepted me or my beliefs.'
  48. 'vending machines that accepted 100-yen coins for cans of beer'
  49. 'The phone would not accept the card in any direction we inserted it.'
  50. 'It also accepts pre Euro coins and both can be left at the Pet Proud shop in Eyre Street, Newbridge.'
  51. 'The only recorded fault on any of the machines in October was on Wednesday October 20 when one of the machines would not accept coins.'
Believe or come to recognize (a proposition) as valid or correct.
  1. with clause 'it is accepted that ageing is a continuous process'
  2. 'In spite of this obvious contradiction the time paradox was enthusiastically accepted.'
  3. 'She accepted this as a correct empirical finding.'
  4. 'His ideas have not been widely accepted in London.'
  5. 'Professional practice may change over time so that what was once accepted as the correct procedure is no longer considered to be respectable or responsible.'
  6. 'With a swift nod Hope accepted this as correct and began to help Faith once more.'
  7. 'It is now widely accepted that CO2 emission is a kind of pollution.'
  8. 'And as he prepares to return to former club Cambridge United tomorrow, the 33-year-old accepts City are reaching a vital period in their campaign.'
  9. 'He accepts the proposition that he instinctively warms to people he perceives as battlers against the system.'
  10. 'Only in the last four or five years has that idea been recognized and accepted by other museums, the architect pointed out.'
  11. 'Gloucester believed the tale and accepted the ‘miracle’ as a sign that he was meant to live.'
  12. with clause 'he accepts that he made a mistake'
  13. 'It accepts no responsibility for any political outcomes.'
  14. 'The Prime Minister's told the 7.30 Report, he accepts responsibility.'
  15. 'A true leader is one who, without any qualms, accepts the responsibility for a failure.'
  16. 'He added: ‘Cliff accepts full responsibility, and we are willing to put out another leaflet apologising for the mistake.’'
  17. 'Every department blames the other and no one accepts responsibility.'
  18. 'They prefer to point the finger of blame elsewhere, and refuse to accept responsibility for their role in allowing sectarianism to prosper.'
  19. 'Surely any deficiency in the Pension Fund was the sole responsibility of the Wiltshire County Council and they should have accepted liability.'
  20. 'It was a shameful thing for Jim to admit, but he accepted responsibility for what he had done.'
  21. 'And he came forward and immediately confessed and accepted his responsibility.'
  22. 'Last month her lawyers said the Ministry of Defence had accepted liability for her husband's death.'
  23. 'As Americans now contemplate the road ahead, they need to accept three unpleasant facts.'
  24. 'It has to be accepted that cannabis is widely used and is seen by many as relatively harmless.'
  25. 'But this social system is paid for with much higher taxes than I believe would be accepted in the United States.'
  26. 'After a while, she sort of grudgingly accepts him, and their relationship provides much of the comic relief in the series.'
  27. 'Many things that were not to be tolerated in a civilised society in 1968 are now accepted - if not always welcomed.'
  28. 'Indications are the weapons inspectors will be accepted but hardly welcomed when they arrive Monday in Baghdad.'

More definitions

1. to take or receive (something offered); receive with approval or favor: to accept a present; to accept a proposal.

2. to agree or consent to; accede to: to accept a treaty; to accept an apology.

3. to respond or answer affirmatively to: to accept an invitation.

4. to undertake the responsibility, duties, honors, etc., of: to accept the office of president.

5. to receive or admit formally, as to a college or club.

6. to accommodate or reconcile oneself

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be accept for crises."

"students can be accept for services."

"servants can be accept of cases."

"ranges can be accept by experts."

"people can be accept in/at/on places."

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Late Middle English: from Latin acceptare, frequentative of accipere ‘take something to oneself’, from ad- ‘to’ + capere ‘take’.