Adjective "accentuating" definition and examples

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Make more noticeable or prominent.
  1. 'She stands up decisively and pulls her t-shirt down at the sides, accentuating the waistless bulge of her torso that protrudes for some distance from her body.'
  2. 'By accentuating the positive effects of global commerce, they hope to show that the left's new bogey man has no clothes.'
  3. 'His loping gait accentuates his already considerable height, the gangly adolescent now grown up.'
  4. 'I am keen to accentuate the positives and there are many if we care to look for them.'
  5. 'Herge, then aged seventy-one, was a gaunt figure, his face deeply lined, accentuating his sharp features.'
  6. 'Lighting should accentuate the architectural features of a room.'
  7. 'To accentuate his point, he referred to the Gospel which emphasises forgiveness.'
  8. 'Instead of focusing on the length of your cut, concentrate on accentuating your best feature.'
  9. 'Andrews wondered why people don't accentuate the positive rather than dwelling on the negative.'
  10. 'Her pale skin became rosy, accentuating her delicate features, and contrasting her dark hair and eyes beautifully.'

More definitions

1. to give emphasis or prominence to.

2. to mark or pronounce with an accent.

More examples(as adjective)

"inversions can be accentuating."

"anticlineses can be accentuating."


(accentuate)Mid 18th century: from medieval Latin accentuat- ‘accented’, from the verb accentuare, from accentus ‘tone’ (see accent).